Vox DaaS + MMS for Apple Webinar

An Intro to Vox DaaS+MMS for Apple:  The As a Service Model you’ve been waiting for.

Vox Mobile has launched Vox DaaS + MMS™ for Apple®, an all-inclusive Device-as-a-Service offering for iPhone, iPad and Mac, fully integrated with its industry leading Managed Mobility Services (MMS). While new apps and devices are creating new costs, new risks, and some chaos for many organizations, the road to Digital Transformation gets faster, easier, and cheaper with this new as-a-Service model.

Vox has integrated their offerings with the Apple programs designed to support the enterprise and created a simple, cost-effective, and truly zero-touch way to take advantage of Apple technology in the enterprise.

Discussion topics include:

  • How a programmatic approach to hardware and services saves time and money
  • How a fully integrated approach to software, services, and Apple technologies ensures the best combination of security and user experience
  • How simple is can be to have the tools you need so you can focus on Digital Transformation
  • How Employee Choice programs are being implemented to improve satisfaction and boost productivity

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