Successful deployments– without the distractions or learning curve

Whether your deployment is a one-time event, a multi-phase project, or an on-going managed deployment, Vox Mobile takes the burden off your shoulders to ensure managing the full lifecycle of devices, apps and systems is not something you have to worry about.

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I need to deploy thousands of new devices in a matter of months

Technology continues to fine-tune the ease at which devices can arrive “out of the box ready” to your end users. However, there is still a need to manually touch the device. Your process may include the need to create a user account, enroll in EMM, apply a case or kit a device with hand-outs. These final steps come down to space and resources. Vox Mobile’s configuration centers are scalable, allowing us to receive and deploy thousands of devices monthly. We are also here to help you plan a successful launch. Our mobility architects will guide you through the process and help you avoid the common pitfalls many organizations face when they go it alone.

How do I control the applications our mobile users have access to?

There are many technologies which enable you to control access on a mobile device. Dependent on your specific need, an EMM may be required. In other cases, your desired outcome can be accomplished by setting restrictions on the device, without the need for third-party software. Vox Mobile architects will work with you to understand the need and develop a device “gold image” and guide you through successful execution.

I need to ensure next day replacements for our devices

Vox Mobile’s Configuration Centers store thousands of replacement inventory devices. Your stock will be securely housed and inventory can be viewed online. When a replacement is needed, simply contact us by phone, email or online to request a same day shipment. Our experts will configure the device to your specifications and ensure your end user is able to get back to work quickly. And we can even repair or recycle their damaged device.

The Vox Deploy Process

Even after millions of devices deployed, we continue to use our rigorous process to provide the highest quality, worry-free deployment, logistics and support service.


Every deployment starts with a planning process which is structured enough to ensure high reliability and flexible enough to support your unique requirements. Our project consultants are adept at protecting against any common pitfalls.


World-class facilities and all the people, processes and technologies are in place and available today. We are constantly investing in our capabilities to deliver you and all your stakeholders a superior, state-of-the-art experience.


With every deployment project, detailed data on timings, accuracy and user experience is available at the point-of- action. These insights are used to adjust or enhance the Vox Deploy offering. We’re always expanding our services with options that remove added burdens for our clients.

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Key Capabilities:

  • One-time, multi-phase, large-scale, global deployments
  • End-to-end procurement, provisioning and QA
  • Ongoing logistics and depot support
  • Secure inventory and asset management
  • End user activation, support, and training
  • New carrier or technology transitions
  • Reverse Logistics/Hot Swap program including device recycling
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