Few IT departments can provide any device, any carrier, anywhere, anytime user support

When it comes to supporting mobile employees, standardization is a concept of the past. That leaves most IT departments at a crossroads on how to ensure they have the resources, time and talent to keep up with the knowledge and requirement to keep mobile users up and productive. That is why organizations, both large and small, turn to Vox Mobile to leverage our Vox Assist services to ensure their users are in good hands anytime, anywhere.  Expedite support for high-impact employees by leveraging Concierge Support Services.

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We need 24/7 technical support for our mobile users

Mobile devices have crossed the chasm from a convenience to a mission critical business tool. Your workers don’t always stop at 5pm and neither can their mobile device. Vox Mobile’s in-country support centers are available 24x7x365 to provide expert technical support that ensures application success and focuses on your end user’s experience.

How do I track the ongoing issues my end users are having with our mobile technology?

One of Vox Mobile’s core objectives is to provide your organization with insight at the point of action. Reporting the number of incidents resolved may be interesting, but not especially helpful when increasing your end user experience is the goal. Powered by the Encompass platform, Vox Mobile provides you with the insight as to why your users are calling, how this compares with our averages and what we need to do to drive down this volume. Vox Mobile’s expert service delivery team will work with you to continually evolve and improve your mobile program.

We need to be able to support a wide variety of mobile devices and platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows)

Vox Mobile is focused solely on mobility: it is all we do. New devices and versions are released continually. Our laser-focus allows us to keep our teams continually educated on these changes as, and before, they are publically released.

We need to improve mobile user satisfaction

Vox Mobile leverages Net Promoter Score (NPS) to help rate our service and assess your end user experience. Our service delivery teams use these scores to rate our individual support agents, management team, and your end user satisfaction.

A detractor elicits immediate triggers within our systems which enable us to contact the user and ensure they receive a satisfactory experience. Vox Mobile leads the industry in Managed Mobility Service Net Promoter Scores.

How can we ensure fast response times for mobile user support issues?

Typical Enterprise Mobility Support is disjointed: a Tier I team for general Q&A, an EMM Team, an Application Team and a Telecom team for carrier interactions. This experience can lead to frustrated users when their mission critical device is down. Vox Mobile brings all of this expertise together into a single experience for your end users with a 98% first call resolution success rate. Expedite support for high-impact and C-level employees by leveraging Concierge Support Services.

The Vox Assist Process

Vox Assist gives mobile users an immediate point of contact to respond to their support needs and you’ll have insights which identify areas for improving mobile applications, demand trends and more.


Vox Assist, brings insights and best practices to the table to outline an end-user support plan that will accommodate the specific needs of your mobile workforce. We’ll identify peak times, critical path issues, projected mobile rollouts and ready our team accordingly.


With Vox Assist you’ll know your users are in good hands 24/7. When things need attention, mobile users need answers fast. Our team has the attitude, knowledge, tools and experience to solve problems fast – no matter what device or software. It’s a single point of support that covers everything from hardware, apps, configurations, carriers and service providers.


Vox Assist captures a breadth of metrics to shine a light on ways we can enhance your user’s experience. Whether we determine there are challenges with training or software rollouts, new usage and incident trends, carrier or hardware issues that may need to be addressed. Our goal is continuous refinement to exceed your users’ expectations.

Vox Assist

Key Capabilities:

  • 24/7 service from a highly-experienced team
  • Toll-free number with your help desk structure
  • Ongoing technical support and escalation process
  • Compliance with company’s policies/guidance
  • Staff trained on up-to-date mobility solutions
  • Reliable and flexible cross-carrier support
  • Timely reports on quality and service level agreements
  • Onsite technical support, priority que, same day fix/replace (Concierge Services)
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