Energy: Where Mobility is Changing Boundaries and Dynamics

Mobile hyper-connectivity and disruptive market entrants like Apple, Google and Amazon are moving fiercely to transform the energy sector.

Distribution now has a bidirectional flow that will involve broader sets of partners and employees. Competition for customers is frenetic as the Internet of Things promises consumers a world of new options – from using mobile apps to remotely control their energy consumption to eventually controlling their energy sources. While CIOs face intense pressure to innovate in the cloud and generate new sources of revenue, margins are tight and security is an all-encompassing prospect.

Powerful Workforce Optimization

Vox Mobile works with leading utilities to develop strategies for the use of mobile apps – in front of and behind the meter – to give a powerful boost to workforce optimization.

In this industry, we help deploy intrinsically safe devices running on cloud-based platforms which help improve everything from asset engineering, planning and management to repair scheduling, dispatch, execution and job closeout.

Vox Encompass, our mobile management platform, delivers insights at the point-of-action to ensure critical systems monitoring and reliability, such as mobile diagnostic apps that give technicians reference examples, root-cause analysis and lists of available replacement parts – plus direct connections to experts when error patterns are more complex. Vox Mobile also helps support the digitized customer experience, where leading utilities offer apps that seamlessly connect interactions across all channels – online, mobile, call center and local sales – then analyze data from these and other sources to improve up-selling, cross-selling and customer relationships.

Through our Complete Enterprise Mobility Management services, Vox Mobile is helping energy companies successfully compete in this mobile-enabled environment by innovating manual, paper-based processes to make them easier, faster and safer.

One of the world’s largest global energy suppliers needed reliable management services to support more than 35,000 globally distributed mobile users located in more than 30 countries. An environment complicated by decentralized systems, divergent teams across a wide variety of geographies and multiple carriers resulted in the lack of visibility to accurately assess and resolve user issues. Global support and the ability to respond to a rapidly changing technology environment was critical to delivering on user expectations.

As the largest electric utility company in North America, this organization is responsible for protecting the grid that services over 5 million customers. Many times, working to restore power outages takes its technicians to remote rural areas during treacherous weather conditions. The company needed a way to ensure it was in constant communication with its mobile workforce while they are in the field.

How many of you have old smartphones sitting in a drawer or cabinet at your desk? It would be safe to assume many of you do. The establishment of a robust mobile asset management and recovery solution would almost certainly be worthwhile for most organizations. However, such a solution would also be extremely challenging to implement.

Mobile Thought Leaders gathered for an MTL Online event to review the findings of the 2018 Strategy Research. The report itself has been out for a while and has been the focus of many discussions at MTL Live events and elsewhere. Some of those discussions were represented by a panel including Vox Mobile’s Harjot Sidhu joining from Vancouver, British Columbia, VMware VP Jeff Mitchell, in Atlanta and Jim Haviland joining the discussion from Hollywood.

Much of the risk and hassle of enterprise mobility that Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) have talked about (complained about) over the past 7 years has involved the challenges of managing and securing the hardware throughout its lifecycle.  We talk about security but the projects fail, run over budget, or create embarrassing situations when devices get stuck or fall through the cracks in the life-cycle.

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