Multinational Oil and Gas Company

Scale and System Integration to Support Global Mobile Users


One of the world’s largest global energy suppliers needed reliable management services to support more than 35,000 globally distributed mobile users located in more than 30 countries.  An environment complicated by decentralized systems, divergent teams across a wide variety of geographies and multiple carriers resulted in the lack of visibility to accurately assess and resolve user issues. Global support and the ability to respond to a rapidly changing technology environment was critical to delivering on user expectations.


The Vox Mobile Assist team provided 24/7 support for the global end users with a single point of contact across geographies and carriers. The Vox Encompass platform resolved the challenge of integration across a variety of technology platforms including AT&T and HP – which enabled visibility across diverse data sources while providing insights needed to quickly troubleshoot and resolve end-user issues.


Vox Mobile was able to absorb the global company’s complex environment and policies while optimizing the environment and mobile spend. In addition, the Vox team has been able to quickly respond to changes in business rules and systems without missing a beat on service delivery. “I haven’t heard anything negative throughout your entire implementation – that just never happens!” stated an executive sponsor.

As the largest electric utility company in North America, this organization is responsible for protecting the grid that services over 5 million customers. Many times, working to restore power outages takes its technicians to remote rural areas during treacherous weather conditions. The company needed a way to ensure it was in constant communication with its mobile workforce while they are in the field.