Large North American Electric Utility Company

Safeguarding the Grid for over 5 Million Customers and Mobile Workforce


As the largest electric utility company in North America, this organization is responsible for protecting the grid that services over 5 million customers. Many times, working to restore power outages takes its technicians to remote rural areas during treacherous weather conditions. The company needed a way to ensure it was in constant communication with its mobile workforce while they are in the field.


Since 2010, the energy giant has leveraged Vox Mobile’s full suite of mobility management services to augment its internal support mechanisms. The company’s end-users and super administrators use the client portal to manage their accounts in real-time online. Vox Mobile also provides 24/7 end-user support 365 days a year which includes support of devices, carriers, more than 10 mission critical business applications, MDMs and mobile applications.


Working with Vox Mobile, the company’s goals are to continue to deliver a retail, consumer type experience to its mobile employees, invest heavily in cyber security and execute on strategic IoT projects such as its “Behind the Meter” initiative.

One of the world’s largest global energy suppliers needed reliable management services to support more than 35,000 globally distributed mobile users located in more than 30 countries. An environment complicated by decentralized systems, divergent teams across a wide variety of geographies and multiple carriers resulted in the lack of visibility to accurately assess and resolve user issues. Global support and the ability to respond to a rapidly changing technology environment was critical to delivering on user expectations.