Vox Mobile Celebrations – March & April

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It’s time to celebrate!

Stand-Out Employees, Birthdays and Anniversaries

From birthdays and anniversaries to award-winning employees, there’s so many great things going on at Vox Mobile.

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month for March

Ryan Cherkala – Director, Channel Partnerships

Recruited in 2013, Ryan was a star employee from Day 1 and has been on the shortlist of top employees each of his nine years (and counting) here at Vox Mobile. In the past few years, Ryan has served as our Director, Channel Partnerships, cultivating relationships with all of our channel partners and identifying new revenue opportunities, and potential partners, to determine how each prospective partner can benefit our clients and the services we deliver.

“Ryan has been a HUGE asset on the Sales team especially when it comes to making sure our existing customers are taking care of. Ryan was a massive asset when we receive an RFP from a customer. We have completed two in the last month and Ryan took the bulk of the work on his shoulders without complaint and made sure everything was completed on time.”

  • Tristan Sitz – Technical Pre-Sales Engineer

Jonathon Swanson – Sr. Manager of Expense Management

Jonathon is the second most-tenured Vox Mobile employee, as he has been with the company since July of 2007! In the decade, he has constantly impressed his coworkers with his ability to handle multiple complex problems simultaneously, his “my day is over when my commitments are fulfilled” work ethic, and his team-first attitude (as he has repeatedly taken on additional work outside of expense management throughout his tenure here). Jonathon’s team have exceeded their service level target 17 of the past 18 months, he has had zero turnover on his team in 4+ years, and our clients absolutely love the work he and his team produce every month.

“Jonathon started attending more customer calls over the last year to support the Customer Success team and walk through the Billing Analysis deliverable. This has been a huge success with customers who appreciate Jonathon’s ability to uncover savings on their account and present it in a way that highlights the very detailed analysis he completes in a way that’s easy to understand. I speak for the whole Customer Success team when I say we truly appreciate what Jonathon does to delight our customers. Deliverables are always on time, attention to detail is spot on, and savings are clearly detailed. Having Jonathon join calls and be more client facing has been a huge value add for both the CS team and our customers!”

  • Erin Glancy – Vice President of Customer Success

Ryan and Jonathon are each eligible for our Q1 Employee of the Quarter where they will have the opportunity to receive a $200 Amazon gift card (on top of the Vox apparel they will receive for their March wins).

Hurray to the Employees of the Quarter for Q1!

We’re also so excited to announce the Q1 Employees of the Quarter. But before we do that let’s recognize the achievements of everyone nominated in Q1:

January Employees of the Month

  • Ross De Costa – Senior Enterprise Mobility Specialist
  • Emily Francisco – Configuration Specialist

 February Employees of the Month

  • Chris Fleming – Quality and Analytics Coordinator
  • Jacquelyn Schuster – Tier I Technical Support Specialist

March Employees of the Month

  • Ryan Cherkala – Director, Channel Partnerships
  • Jonathon Swanson – Sr. Manager of Expense Management

A round of applause for these 6 outstanding Vox Mobile team members! And the winners of the Q1 Employee of the Quarter are:

Ryan Cherkala and Emily Francisco

You can learn more about Ryan’s Employee of the Month win above and check out the write up on Emily’s Employee of the Month win here. Both Ryan and Emily will each receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card for winning Employee of the Quarter. Please congratulate both on their outstanding performance in Q1!

 Welcome to the Vox Mobile Team

Introducing Vox Mobile’s 7 NEW Technical Support Specialists. There are 5 from Canada and 2 from the U.S. They are a very enthusiastic bunch with a variety of backgrounds and skills they bring to the Technical Support team.

  • Harmandeep Kaur
  • Greeshma Varghese
  • Ampu Sasidharan Nair
  • Payal Payal
  • Laura Gellately
  • Asia Gilmer
  • Jolean Roundtree


We’re excited to announce the promotion of Rashida Workman to Training and Development Specialist!

April Birthdays

Happy Birthday to YOU! Let’s celebrate all the Vox Mobile team members with April birthdays! 🎂

  • Manuel Ramos – April 2
  • Taylor Deziel – April 4
  • Bibin Jose – April 12
  • Pranav Patel – April 13
  • Micah Hill – April 16
  • William Burslem – April 19
  • Joshua Novak – April 20
  • Zachary Fleitman – April 24
  • Promece Stewart – April 26
  • Stefan Spano – April 27
  • Tyrone Barner – April 28
  • Can Birol – April 28

April Anniversaries

For all those Vox Mobile team members celebrating their anniversaries in April, we appreciate all of your hard work the past year and look forward to many wonderful years to come. 🥳

  • Ronald Pollock – April 9 – 10 years
  • Bradford Guthrie – April 12 – 1 year
  • Zachary Fleitman – April 13 – 2 years
  • Devon Rucker – April 16 – 4 years
  • Brian Gryczan – April 17 – 5 years
  • Cornell Vernon – April 20 – 7 years
  • Chitrangi Ambegaonkar – April 20 – 2 years
  • Sandra Mathew – April 20 – 2 years
  • Akshay Surendran Deepa – April 20 – 2 years
  • Walter Bizzell – April 24 – 6 years
  • Dawn Rivas – April 24 – 6 years
  • Shashanka Pappala – April 26 – 1 year

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