Vox Mobile Celebrations – June & July

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Bursting with Celebrations

Stand-Out Employees, Birthdays and Anniversaries

There’s so much to celebrate as we start the second half of 2022! Check it out.

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month for June

 Ajay John, Tier I Technical Support Specialist

Ajay joined the Vox Mobile team in February 2020 as a Technical Support Specialist, three weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic changed everything. He has consistently stood out over the past 2+ years as a Specialist who works a high number of incidents, both in between calls and in incident cleanup, adheres to assigned processes, and maintains a high utilization each month. Ajay’s performance scorecard frequently exceeds expectations, earning him frequent bonus payouts.

“Ajay always takes onoutstanding work without any complaints or excuses, has a ‘can-do’ attitude back up by high stats! He is highly coachable, as he accepts recommendations for further improvement and applies these in later months.”

  • Cruise Deshevy, Contact Center Supervisor

Dan McClinton, Project Coordinator

Dan has been with Vox Mobile since October of 2016, starting as a Tier I Technical Support Specialist. He has been promoted to Tier II Technical Support, Contact Center Supervisor, and Documentation Supervisor from 2018-2020. His most recent move was joining our high visibility/high stress Project Management team as a Project Coordinator in January of this year. As with his other promotions/transfers, this move has been incredibly beneficial for our operations, clients, and partners. Dan has an impressive track record of problem-solving skills, work ethic, technical insight, positive attitude, and willingness to do whatever is necessary for our clients and the company. He is truly a phenomenal employee.

“Dan has been the backbone of our customer implementations through channel partner Ovation Wireless. Ten customers were implemented for Technical Support in just under 4 months. Dan was the driving force behind ensuring documentation was complete for Knowledge Base articles and training material. It was a blur, but he maintained his organization and priorities. In March, we began the process of onboarding a customer for Procurement services. Dan’s world would revolve around this for the next 3 1/3 months. Typically, you can count on one hand the number of carriers being support between the USA and CA for Vox Mobile customers. In this situation 35 carriers covering 30 countries were onboarded. In addition to the quantity of work completed, the quality of it shines. We have been meeting with the client daily to review any open items and changes required. The need to go back and correct or update KB articles has been minimal. Dan has been an integral part of the Implementation team sharing his knowledge and skills with other members to make us stronger.”

  • Steve Bielecki, Project Manager

An Extra Special Celebration for the Q2 Employees of the Quarter

We’re also excited to announce the Q2 Employees of the Quarter. But before we do that let’s recognize the achievements of everyone nominated in Q2:


Tracy Hendrix – Technical Support Supervisor

Shawnee Turner – Tier I Technical Support Specialist


Jessica Barum, Tier II Procurement Specialist

Byron Hayes, Fulfillment Specialist

Souda Sonbouttasene, Wireless Expense Analyst


Ajay John, Tier I Technical Support Specialist

Dan McClinton, Project Coordinator

A round of applause for these 7 outstanding Vox Mobile team members! And the winners of the Q2 Employee of the Quarter are:

Souda Sonbouttasene and Shawnee Turner!

You can learn more about Souda’s Employee of the Month win here above and check out the write up on Shawnee’s Employee of the Month win here. Both Souda and Shawnee will each receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card for winning Employee of the Quarter. Please congratulate both on their outstanding performance in Q2!

Welcome to the Vox Mobile family

We are proud to welcome Gustavo Diaz as our new Customer Success Manager and Luke Xu as our new Business Intelligence Reporting Analyst. Glad to have you as part of the Vox Mobile team.

July Birthdays

Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating this month, especially the following Vox Mobile team members:

  • Jessica Barum, Tier II Procurement Specialist
  • Nigel Burke, Enterprise Mobility Specialist
  • Ryan Cherkala, Director of Channel Partnerships
  • Gustavo Diaz, Customer Success Manager
  • Vanessa Faia, Tier III Technical Support Specialist
  • Hallie Huff, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Justin Nogle, Fulfillment Team Lead
  • Payal Patel, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Matthew Phillips, Project Coordinator
  • Dumitro Ruday, Training and Development Specialist
  • Jeff Sacco, ServiceNow Developer
  • Tejindar Sardar, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Alyssa Uy, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Ashley Uyek, Wireless Expense Analyst
  • Andrew Westbye, Senior Enterprise Mobility Specialist
  • Michael Williamson, Fulfillment Specialist

July Anniversaries

Thanks to all the Vox Mobile team members celebrating work anniversaries this month. We appreciate everything you do every day. We couldn’t do it without you!

  • Jonathon Swanson, Sr. Manger of Expense Management – 15 years
  • Rob Seemann, Sr. Vice President of Product Strategy & Innovation – 11 years
  • Tyrone Barner, Senior Enterprise Mobility Specialist – 10 years
  • Nelia Lan-Rios, Bilingual Technical Support Specialist – 7 years
  • Ross De Costa, Professional Services Consultant – 7 years
  • Souda Sonbouttasene, Wireless Expense Analyst – 6 years
  • Promece Stewart, Procurement Team Lead – 6 years
  • Jahmal Edwards, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year

Join Our Team

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