Vox Mobile and VMware Horizon: Empowering the Digital Workspace

By Patricia Ross

2020, among other titles, will be the Year of the Remote Workforce. And, this transition to working from home won’t be ending any time soon as leadership in many organizations have embraced telework or a hybrid of remote and in-office work as their new normal.


Yet, the workarounds that were good enough for a few months of quarantine don’t make good business sense when it comes to a new way of working. To ensure that this new working model doesn’t go south, organizations of all sizes are transforming their on-premise physical desktops into digital workspaces. So much more than your average virtual desktop, digital workspaces provide users—from office staff to power-using engineers to a fleet of call center reps—with exactly what they need to power their organizations.


VMware Horizon Cloud: Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

When it comes to the digital workspace, the focus on the end-user experience is more than just providing a virtual desktop. Instead, it’s about refining the experience by streamlining how users work—since not everyone needs a full desktop—and empowering the devices they use to do that work.


VMware Horizon Cloud with its best-of-both-worlds approach connects workers anywhere with their on-premise infrastructure in a cloud environment. Horizon Cloud on Azure makes it easy to stand up virtual desktops from anywhere and enabling your IT team to efficiently provision new clients, centralize desktop management, and improve security and compliance. The ability to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver, manage, and monitor virtual desktops and published applications to end users who may not need access to a full desktop can dramatically influence the user experience and your bottom line.


No Digital Workspace Too Big

Engineers, designers, scientists and other power users have traditionally relied on dedicated graphics workstations to perform the most demanding tasks, such as manipulating 3D models and visually analyzing large data sets. These standalone workstations aren’t only expensive to purchase and set up, but also require costly maintenance to ensure they are performing optimally.


VMware Horizon is an easy-to-manage, scalable solution that allows power users to have access to and the ability to manipulate complex models and very large data sets from virtually anywhere. With the appropriate network bandwidth and suitable remote client devices, IT can now offer the most advanced users a secure and immersive 3D-graphics experience from any laptop or mobile device.


Real-Life Success

One of the industries hardest hit by the pandemic was the commercial airline industry. When airlines shut down, thousands of travelers needed to be notified of cancelations and incoming calls from worried travelers rose substantially. One industry-leading airline had so many customer calls that they had to increase their call center by about 500% to handle them all. VMware Horizon enabled them to keep up with this increased volume without having to add any physical infrastructure or hiring a whole new workforce, using IP phones and the devices representatives already had. IT was able to pivot quickly by transitioning existing customer service agents and re-provisioned airline staff to digital workspaces, tying hyperscalers that the airline already had to cloud-based desktops, to address the influx of calls and put customers’ minds at ease.


And it paid off. As some airlines are going down, this one is taking flight stronger than before thanks to VMware Horizon digital workspaces.


Your Digital Workspace Compass

Taking the best of mobile and combining it with the cloud, VMware Horizon provides unprecedented simplicity, flexibility, speed, and scale with a predictable pay-as-you-grow model.


Fast Deployment – You can spin up digital workspaces anytime anywhere, modernizing your operations and transforming legacy infrastructure with a platform that provides rapid desktop and app provisioning, complete API extensibility, and is built to securely support your future ready workforce.


Contextual Control – Create desktops that change based on the user, such as finance, HR, or sales, so each user has access to only the applications they need. VMware Horizon also gives your desktop admin the power to use just one desktop image to manage both power user, everyday user and also CEO desktops streamlining workflow and making connections faster and more reliable for those who need it most.


Simplified Mobile Access – Secure your data and simplify compliance with remote access to corporate resources from any BYO or corporate device, across the network, to centrally hosted desktops and apps using intrinsic security built into the VMware infrastructure.


Accelerated ROI – Get the most out of your technology investment and get it quicker with the cost savings and business benefits that comes from modernizing your operations that simplify Day 2 management and hybrid and multi-cloud deployment options to drive down cost.


Vox Mobile: Your Trusted VMware Partner

The leader in mobility management services (MMS), Vox Mobile is able to help you navigate your digital workspace journey from start to finish, providing you with consultation services that enable you to configure your investment so you can make the best decision through on-going certified support when and where you need it.


As a single source enterprise mobile solutions provider, our team of experts can help you set up your fleet of devices, increase productivity by ensuring your team has the most up-to-date software and applications, and enable you to scale at any time. At Vox Mobile, we align our solutions to your goals, not the other way around, ensuring you can maximize participation, control costs, and satisfy user and company demand.


When it comes to all things mobility, Vox Mobile has the expertise to drive your mobility success. Find out more about how Vox Mobile can empower your digital workspace.