Transformation Requires a New Alignment

By Jim Haviland
Topics: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Mobile Strategy

Is there a business initiative that would add significant new value or savings to an organization right now that wouldn’t involve technology? We have asked this question at dozens of MTL events around the world with almost unanimous agreement that everything a business sets out to accomplish will require some new tech or new application of old tech.

In spite of that we still hear constant reports of the language, culture and budget barriers between the business and technology professionals.

This conflict has to end and these two side need to forge a new way of working together, a new alignment. The good news is that addressing this issue also provides that added benefit of revisiting the “silo formation” problem. Departments are being shuffled and divisions recast as part of the move to Digital Business, in some instances turning technologists as critical members of the front line teams instead of utility workers on the back lines.

The 2018 Mobile Strategy Report offers many insights on technologies, practices and models, but we thought this was an important enough topic that we would offer a quick digest on the learnings gleaned during the research.

This short piece offers some specific examples of technologies, services, and functions that everyone needs to be able to access to create transformative new functions and how technologists can approach these needs to make them more accessible.

Areas of specific coverage:

  • Identity and Access Management
  • Security Policy Management
  • System Integration and Data Access
  • Logistics and Support
  • Cost Management

There is plenty more in the full report (available here) around the culture and governance changes that are advancing organizations, but this piece offers some concrete next steps that everyone can utilize.