Simplify your Device Procurement with DaaS + MMS for Apple

By Patricia Ross
Topics: Device as a Service (DaaS) Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

Simplify your Device Procurement with DaaS + MMS for Apple

According to an employee choice survey conducted by Jamf, 77% of employees are more likely to stay at an organization that allows them to choose their preferred mobile device. When given the choice, 75% of employees are choosing Apple products. While it’s not surprising that employees want to choose the mobile devices they’re most comfortable with for work, there’s a lot more at stake. The number one reason for employees wanting to choose a familiar device is increased productivity. When balancing this clear business need for allowing employees to choose iPhones and iPads with the escalation of mobile technology advancements and increasing device costs, organizations are looking for new ways to keep up.

The challenge of device procurement is not new, but it is a changing one. With carriers moving away from subsidized hardware and the option to purchase devices outright becoming more cost prohibitive (especially for mass refreshes), organizations are struggling to develop a new strategy. Rather than confronting this challenge, organizations are relying on aging fleets. While it may seem like this is saving money on the surface, increased support costs for aging devices and one-off device replacements costs also need to be taken into account—as well as lost productivity from the end-user perspective.

Even the best products can present significant challenges. Most suppliers only support a small portion of the lifecycle, focusing only on their view of the process. And the process is different for each Apple device, creating endless opportunities for mistakes and miscues. This has left internal IT teams and vendor managers trying to fill gaps across a variety of supplier contracts, complicated cellular billing agreements, rapidly changing technology, security threats, and extremely high and everchanging user expectations.

To solve this challenge, Vox Mobile has developed the Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) + Managed Mobility Services (MMS) for Apple Program, coupling our best-in-class managed mobility services with full lifecycle management of Apple devices, with options available for iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks.

Simplified Management and Exceptional Experience

DaaS for Apple enables organizations to forget about complex carrier and supplier agreements, get rid of the difficulty of managing aging devices, and give end users the devices that they want. This program ensures you’ll always have the latest technology, refreshed naturally. If that wasn’t enough, organizations can choose to bundle any of Vox Mobile’s managed mobility services with their Apple devices, including end-user support, device administration, carrier billing analysis, and asset management software—all for one, predictable flat cost per month.

With DaaS + MMS for Apple, Vox Mobile is able to not only provide all the lifecycle services but also to tie them all together in ways that provide new insights and new opportunities that optimize the user experience. The combination of all of Apple’s enterprise programs and services, all of Apple’s technologies for enterprise management, and all of Vox Mobile’s experience and systems for robust enterprise support—all managed through integration of backend systems—helps businesses of any size overcome today’s challenges to take advantage of tomorrow’s opportunities. As part of this program, our customers have found success in solutioning a wide range of use cases, clinical trials to employee training.

Apple Device and Platform Support You Can Count On

Device as a Service for Apple paired with Vox Mobile MMS, enables your business to provide a better experience for everyone.

Procurement Complexity – No longer deal with multiple vendors and contracts

Zero-Touch Deployment – Automate device deployments with Apple Business Manager and MDM

Scaled Management – 24/7 support and management for users and infrastructure

Refresh Options – Take control of refresh schedules and always get the latest Apple devices

Application Enablement – Automate app deployments with an instantaneous, seamless process

Cost Optimization – Understand usage patterns to optimize all mobile contracts and costs

End-User Productivity – Give your users the Apple devices they want to increase their ability to drive your business success

 Vox Mobile DaaS + MMS for Apple

Vox Mobile’s team of certified Apple experts and mobile device management specialists are ready to help you.  Discover how Vox Mobile DaaS + MMS for Apple can fit your business needs.