Digital Workspaces are Coming. Is Your Mobile Device Management Solution Strong Enough to Handle It?

Topics: Mobile Device Management (MDM) Mobile Security

It’s no surprise that a dramatic shift is taking place in how, where, and what tools modern employees are using to get their jobs done. With Millennials making up more than 35% of the U.S. labor force, surpassing the two previous generations, and older Gen Zers—those born after 1996—starting to make their way into the labor pool, the push for digital workspaces is only going to increase. In fact, by 2023 more than 43.3% of the global workforce will be mobile and relying on digital workspaces.

However, some IT leaders are finding it difficult to make the digital workspace a reality for their organizations. Deploying, managing, securing, and troubleshooting all of these devices have IT teams working overtime. With the surge of devices, mobile device management software (MDM) is a necessity for tech teams to stay on top of growing user demands for accessibility and ease, and business demands for enhanced security and support.

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Yet with so many solutions to choose from, it’s no wonder CIOs are stalled when it comes to transforming their organizations. Vox Mobile wants to ease your apprehension and frustration. As a leader in the industry, we have a lot of experience helping clients sort out how to use mobile device management solutions, intimate knowledge of each MDM solution, and expertise in mobility innovation and infrastructure management. And, though we support all of Gartner’s leading MDMs, we’ve come to recognize the many strengths VMware’s Workspace ONE managed mobility solution has over its competition.

Strength #1: Single Platform

Powered by AirWatch—a Gartner Leader in mobile device management solutions since 2013—Workspace ONE is a single platform that tightly integrates mobile and desktop capabilities to simplify the digital transformation of the modern office—no matter what it may look like or where it may be—and delivers on the promises of the digital workspace.

Strength #2: Business Value

No matter what the new-fangled tool or process may be for the modern workspace, it doesn’t matter unless it does two things—improve your employees’ productivity and deliver rapid ROI for your business. Workspace ONE is not only fast to deploy, but also comes with powerful troubleshooting and cross-platform remote control capabilities to quickly diagnose and fix issues in the field, giving your tech team the ability to do more in less time.

Strength #3: Empowered End Users

Speaking of productivity, your employees will find Workspace ONE quick to adopt and easy to use with a suite of mobile business-critical productivity apps and a single sign-on that automatically authenticates all users. Who could have imagined a world in which managing all your employees’ mobile devices could be so easy?

Strength #4: Security

When your business is humming along, the last thing you need is a dead stop due to a security breach. Workspace ONE has incredible capabilities to not only ensure your data is 100% secured from an IT standpoint, but also enhances device compliance across the environment. With security like this, there’s no need to waste time worrying.

Strength #5: Flexibility and Scalability

No matter how great a solution proclaims to be, it’s only good if it can work and grow with your business. With a high-reliability infrastructure and a flexible licensing model, Workspace ONE fits your business needs from bursts of usage to dynamic expansion, and can be delivered on-premises, in the cloud, or in your hybrid environment. And since it integrates with a variety of industry-leading technologies, there’s zero lock-in, making mobile device management easier than ever.

Strength #6: Vox Mobile Enhances the Workspace ONE Experience

Already with so much to offer, and way ahead of any of its competitors, Workspace ONE gets even better with Vox Mobile. As VMware’s largest Workspace ONE MSP (Managed Service Provider), Vox Mobile:

  • Enhances your team’s productivity by ensuring they have the most up-to-date software and applications through a remote push to all their devices
  •  Sets up devices for one use-case only, fully locking down other unnecessary apps
  • Provides the certified support you need to support your environment
  • Enables you to scale at any time, adjusting to the changing needs of your unique business
  • Offers substantial license discounts so you see the savings right from the start
  • Always has your back from consultation through full lifecycle management

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