Keep Your Employees Safe with Mobile Device Disinfection

By Ryan Cherkala, Patricia Ross
Topics: Device Disinfecting Solutions

When you take a microscopic look at your smartphone, tablet, or any of your mobile devices, they’re gross. Covered in bacteria like staph and e. Coli, and viruses like COVID-19, it makes sense that during this time of germ consciousness, your employees need to clean their devices like they clean other surfaces they come into contact with throughout the day.


If your employees are on the frontline of this pandemic—healthcare workers, retail clerks, first responders, and bus drivers—it’s obvious that they have the most opportunity to come into contact with the coronavirus and other unhealthy germs. Due to this they should have a way to sanitize their phones and other devices throughout the day. However, if your workforce is remote, they too run the risk of passing germs on their devices.


Consider everything you touch throughout your day. All of that ends up on your mobile devices. Smartphones in particular end up in a lot of places other than your hands, like touching your face when you make a call, your toddler’s mouth as they taste-test everything, and your children’s hands which could have been anywhere. Do you take your phone into the bathroom to check the news or weather? That stuff too.


What Not To Do

But how should your employees be cleaning their smartphones or tablets? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends disinfecting electronic devices with alcohol-based wipes or sprays containing at least 70% alcohol, however, many manufacturers are wary of using these kinds of household disinfectants and improper or overuse could void device warranties.


There’s been a lot of misinformation from putting devices in soap and water to cleaning them with bleach to giving them a good scrub daily with disinfecting wipes. None of these are good ideas. More than killing the germs on devices, these methods could kill the device and end up costing your business thousands of dollars in replacements.


Some electronic manufacturers have updated their guidelines for disinfecting mobile devices, but it comes with a long list of what not to do: don’t rub too hard (what is too hard?), don’t use too often (what is too often?), don’t use near any openings (do microphone holes count as openings?), don’t use near any seams or where your case comes into contact with your phone. This list of “what nots” only adds more stress to an already stressful task.


Device Disinfection Demystified

As a leading a single source enterprise mobile solutions provider and trusted advisor, Vox Mobile has partnered with Trinitas Telecom to provide our customers a 20-30% savings on mobile device disinfecting solutions that really work.


Made especially for electronic devices, these disinfectants and sanitizing products kill 99.99% of the germs. Individually wrapped disinfecting wipes are perfect for healthcare providers and other frontline workers who need an on-the-go way to clean their devices. These wipes won’t damage mobile device surface treatments, like oil-resistant coatings, and meet most manufacturer’s recommended qualifications for phone cleaning solutions.


To sanitize your employees mobile devices, using a sanitizer with a powerful UV-C light can effectively destroy nucleic acids and bacteria DNA. These come in a range of sizes for smartphones, tablets, and even gaming controllers.


It would also be wise for your employees to use a headset instead of holding their smartphone to their face to ensure any germs present won’t transfer to their nose and mouth.


Vox Mobile Customer Discount

Vox Mobile is honored to play a critical role in helping our customers adapt and stay safe during these uncertain times. As part of our commitment to you and your employees, we’re offering these device sanitizing and work-from-home solutions at a savings of 20-30% below retail. Products can be purchased through the website with a credit card or in bulk on Net terms.