Ask the Experts: How do I get my team up and running fast in a remote environment?

By Jeff Schaeffer, Rob Seemann, Patricia Ross
Topics: BYOD Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Mobile Device Management (MDM) Remote Workforce

As the world starts to open again, many businesses have questions about how to ensure their stability and sustainability for the uncertain months ahead. Emotionally, psychologically, and financially, we need to shift our focus from reacting to being prepared for the “new normal.”


As mobility experts, Vox Mobile has assisted many organizations in weathering this crisis, helping them maintain a sense of normalcy thanks to mobility solutions that keep their remote workforces connected, collaborating, and communicating. We reached out to Customer Success Executive, Jeff Schaeffer and Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Rob Seemann—Vox Mobile’s Remote Workforce Experts—to answer the most common remote workforce mobility questions.


Question #1: How can I quickly get devices to my users?

Answer: When many of the workforce became remote workers, transitioning to a new way of doing business was fairly easy for those who were already using mobile devices as work tools. However, 25-30% of those sent home immediately were not prepared, meaning they had to be onboarded and setup quickly.


Utilizing employees’ personal devices is a quick fix. Some companies even sent their employees corporate SIM cards to put in their personal devices, bypassing billing overages for the employees and curtailing hardware charges for the company.


Onboarding new users’ personal devices seems simple if you already have Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies in place. The hiccup here is adding more than a quarter of your workforce at one time, and ensuring your IT admins can support this extra workload. Vox Mobile can help you streamline your set up with bulk processes for quicker onboarding, and dedicated resources to assist with MDM enrollment or carrier activations to support your expanded remote team.


Those choosing corporate-owned devices may face a backlog as carriers try to keep up with demand. Thanks to our relationship with leading carriers, Vox Mobile can get bulk device orders quickly and is pre-approved to expedite bulk requests. We can quickly configure, deploy, and manage your employees’ devices. This will free up your IT team to focus on more profitable tasks as we do the heavy, mundane lifting.


Question #2: What else do we need for an effective and secure BYOD business model?

Answer: Most companies had a BYOD model already in place when everyone was sent home. However it wasn’t developed to support such a substantial portion of their workforce—from about 70% to 100%.


It also could be very tricky when your employees have a variety of different types of devices. If that’s the case then it’s recommended to implement specific policies on what devices you are allowing the employees to use. This will lower the risk of unfamiliar device manufacturers not functioning properly in your EMM environment or even worse, bypassing security measures that have been implemented.


There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to setting up your entire organization for BYOD. Vox Mobile has your back, in fact, we can cover all of the backend so you can have everyone up and running in a day. Our skilled IT team can support your entire staff, or augment the support your IT admins provide. From helping you develop the policies and messaging around your BYOD program to setting up a stipends program, our team are experts when it comes to BYOD and EMM with best practices for robust policies that can ease your mobility burdens.


Question #3: How can I ensure my EMM Solution is up to the challenge of an all-remote workforce?

Answer: It’s imperative that your up-time is maximized and your environment is secure too without any uncertainty. With 100% of your employees relying on your EMM, your internal IT resources could be stretched thin.


Vox Mobile can take that burden off your shoulders and give your IT team the ability to focus on more strategic initiatives. Our EMM System Administration Services reduce the demand on your IT resources, expand your support capabilities, and even lower your mobility costs.


Have questions about mobile device management? Whether it’s building a mobile strategy, operationalizing your mobile program, or supporting your end users, Vox Mobile’s team of experts have the answers you need to make mobility simple.


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