What we do

Empowering Complete Enterprise Mobility
  • Strategic consulting, technical professional and advisory services, to build and execute your mobility blueprint

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  • Mobility Management software automates BYOD and corporate liable programs for compliance, request management, and financial reconciliation

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  • Professionally managed scalable logistics, device imaging and end user activation support

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  • On demand user support for your mobile workforce, available globally 24/7

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  • Dedicated deep technical expertise in mobile security, MDM server setup, support and monitoring

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  • Expert audit and optimization service for total visibility and expense management

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At Vox Mobile, we believe that keeping your people connected and communicating wherever they are and whatever they are doing is the foundation of a successful, efficient and productive business. We understand that each organization’s mobility blueprint differs and we empower you to achieve your vision. Be it mobile strategy, security, BYOD, MDM selection,  tablet deployments, mobile policy, or application management… Vox Mobile enables complete enterprise mobility.

Program Development

Vox Architect helps empower your business vision through expert consulting on your blueprint of the mobile world. It enables your business to stay ahead of the competition, charting your path to complete enterprise mobility and providing the tools to achieve your vision. Vox Architect offers three services depending on the needs of your business; strategic consulting, technical professional and expert advisory services. Architect Program development focuses on strategic consulting that enables your organization to jump start your mobility program.

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Implementing a cohesive mobile policy is foundational to every mobility blueprint. With management teams focusing on ways to increase productivity and reduce costs, there needs to be an easier way to maintain policy compliance, visibility, and request tracking. Vox Choice provides you with self-service, configurable software to automate your mobility compliance for both BYOD and corporate liable users.

With Vox Choice, your workforce can have options but within a central management console that provides 2 factor authentication and technically enabled policy adherence.

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While enterprises are facing increasing pressure to allow the use of personal devices for work-related activities, most companies will continue to maintain a mix of corporate and personal liable in their mobility environment for the next several years.

We understand that your day-to-day procedures must support the complexities of multiple models while achieving automation to reduce cost and effort. Our flexible workflow engine incorporates your user segmentation and approvals process along with self-service and MDM provisioning, for both BYOD and corporate liable, all without increasing your IT or HR headcount.

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In the last year Vox Mobile configured and deployed over 36,000 devices of every type including BlackBerry, Apple, Machine-to-Machine devices and many others. With state-of-the art secure facilities and expert resources in the US and Canada, Vox Mobile currently has capacity to deploy 20,000 devices per month, be it project based or on-going incremental and reverse logistics. We will understand your requirements; design a best-in-class process; order your devices and set-up a well-fitted tracking and management system for you. We configure each device to your specifications, including authorized applications.

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Vox Deploy supports large-scale deployments that would otherwise put a huge strain on your existing IT and Procurement resources.  We also offer on-going services for incremental and reverse logistics/device swap orders to maintain your assets. We ship to the end user and support device activation and training. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports ensure you have visibility to device receipts, order status, and inventory at every step.  All of this is led by a team of professional project managers providing you a single point of contact.

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Vox Assist is staffed with highly trained mobility experts to offer an immediate point of contact to support your mobile employees on any device, any carrier, anywhere, at any time for both personal (BYOD) and corporate liable environments.

The Vox Assist team can help your mobile workforce regardless of which devices they use, which software they run and which carrier services their device. Our team provisions Apple iOS, Google Android, Blackberry and Windows taking into consideration your policies and configurations for different devices, apps, and MDMs.  We’re here 24×7 to make sure your end users are connected and productive.

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The world of mobility is becoming more complex and more critically important by the day. End users require on-demand support and assistance to help them operate their devices, troubleshoot issues, and ensure connectivity and productivity is maintained.

Our trained experts are always available to help the end user manage their devices and mobile services, providing compassionate understanding, comprehensive knowledge and expertise to deliver highly efficient issue resolution.

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Systems & MDM

With mobile technology serving as the hub of more business critical apps, whether you maintain your servers in-house or host them remotely you need technical support that you can rely on to manage and solve any situation. Vox Admin allows you to rely on your MDM platform for critical security and policy enforcement without the need for additional staff, reducing your total cost of ownership. Our service includes advanced configuration of your MDM platform, service packs and full version upgrades, immediate response and integrated escalation to your MDM OEM when needed.

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In a world demanding expanded use of mobile technology it is more important than ever to track and manage mobile expenses, both personal (BYOD) and corporate owned. Vox Choice software enables visibility and processes to ensure you know who is using what and the cost involved.

Vox Choice supports all varieties of financial process including stipend management and cost allocation via PCI-compliant credit card process or payroll deduction. From monthly end-user statements to detailed allocation files for your ERP, we provide the visibility necessary to quantify and maintain your mobility program ROI.


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Vox Control expense management service audits carrier charges, individual line charges, and whether the carrier is in compliance with your enterprise contract. We provide easy-to-read reports with recommendations for improvements to save time and reduce costs.  Unlike most TEMS’s that are only software based, we implement the changes with the carrier and provide tracking of the changes requested. This includes filing claims, credits and interacting with the carrier to ensure processing.

We also create payment files in your required formats to allocate line-by-line costs across your organization, by business unit, cost center, department, or individuals for both corporate owned and BYOD assets.

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Program Evolution

Architect Program Evolution offers professional and advisory services, depending on your business needs.

Technical professional services whereby expert Vox technicians conduct on-site visits or remote sessions to complete server installations, MDM training, and other deeply technical mobility matters.

Expert advisory services providing on-going guidance around various mobile topics including mobile policy, security, and BYOD.

Vox Architect also provides Program Development which is focused on strategic consulting that enables your organization to jump start your mobility program.


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