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  • Strategic consulting, technical professional and advisory services, to build and execute your mobility blueprint

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  • Mobility Management software automates BYOD and corporate liable programs for compliance, request management, and financial reconciliation

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  • Professionally managed scalable logistics, device imaging and end user activation support

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  • On demand user support for your mobile workforce, available globally 24/7

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  • Dedicated deep technical expertise in mobile security, EMM, MDM, & mobile systems support and monitoring

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    Expert audit and optimization service for total visibility and expense management

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How the new iPhone may impact BYOD for brands

This week Apple is set to unveil their new iPhone addition. Fans of the brands are already talking about the new offering from the device, but one expert says the new iPhone could also make an impact on businesses. Here's how:

What's Your Company's Enterprise Mobile Maturity Level?

More mature organizations can use mobile to create breakthrough innovation, whereas less mature companies typically struggle just to manage mobile effectively. Generally speaking, there are five levels of enterprise mobile maturity, and a company’s ranking on this scale determines whether or not the organization is fully prepared to innovate

EMM to the rescue: The future of mobile devices and the channel

There are a lot of forces suppressing the enterprise managed mobility market currently, but a downturn in smartphone shipments isn't one of them.

How to determine which maturity phase your business is in

It has been found that organizations with an enterprise-wide mobility strategy demonstrate higher revenue growth and better operating margins. How can brands tell if they're in the Aware, Reactive or Proactive stage?

The Mobile-First Future of Healthcare

Mobile technology has transformed the way people communicate and transact business. Disruptive apps like Uber and Square have enabled entrepreneurs to reimagine business models. But some sectors have struggled to integrate mobile capabilities into their daily operations, and as a result, they’ve faced significant barriers to innovation.

Vox Mobile Closes Strategic Round of Funding

Vox Mobile, the leading provider of complete enterprise mobility solutions, today announced that the company has closed a $6.7 million strategic investment round

Brands: Are enterprise apps for you?

Everyone is talking about apps lately - apps for productivity, apps for shopping, apps to connect remote workers to the company. Which app is right for your company, and how can you tell?

Wearables in the enterprise: Security nightingale or nightmare?

Like it or not, wearables are coming to the enterprise, but what role will solution providers have in ensuring they don't become a security nightmare?

5 Ways to Manage Employee Mobile Usage

Whether your company provides devices to employees or reimburses team members who use their own mobile devices on the job, it’s important to set ground rules and manage expectations.

Vox Mobile Named a "Cool Vendor" by Gartner

Vox Mobile has been named a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner, Inc. for helping clients address key challenges in the digital economy through innovative services and new approaches.

Deploying Mobile Devices Globally Streamlines Clinical Trial Process

Salix believed there had to be a solution to streamline the process of gathering and processing data from clinical trials.

4 Big Issues Affecting Tomorrow's Workplace

Technology has made the workplace entirely different, and at the rate mobile devices are advancing, it won't be long before it completely changes again.

Wearable Security is a Matter of Establishing Standards

With all of this tech coming into so many lives, and collecting so much information about consumers and workers, there is a broad potential for security risk.

Going mobile is just the beginning of the digital transformation process

Moving ahead with a mobility program allows IT to reconsider the existing business model and is the first step toward implementing an IoT strategy

Mobility is bigger and faster than the Internet revolution

Mobility can help you transform your business into a digital enterprise, says Jim Haviland of Vox Mobile. Just don't wait to act on mobility's possibilities, or there might be disastrous consequences.


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