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The Top Four BYOD Security Risk Prevention Tips
With employers realizing lower hardware costs, extended customer access to employees, and staff satisfaction, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is here to stay.  According to industry analyst Gartner, by 2017 over half of all employers will require employees to use their own devices for work purposes. 4Tips_Download_CTA However, despite growing acceptance of the BYOD phenomenon, serious security concerns remain, including the possibility of data falling into the wrong hands via lost or stolen devices or lax security practices on the part of the device owner. The key to preventing a security breach is to develop and implement sound policies. Here are some tips on creating an effective strategy.

1.)  Outline a formal acceptable use policy. The first step organizations can take to reduce BYOD risks is to create an acceptable use policy, often referred to as a mobile policy. The policy should provide rules and protocols that govern BYOD deployment company-wide, setting standards for users. IT managers can take the lead by kicking off stakeholder discussions about BYOD rules now and into the future and designating a committee to promote and control mobile policy. It’s a good idea to require program participants to review the company’s mobile policy and acknowledge that they’ll abide by it via a signature.

 BYOD Security Risk Management2.)  Identify users and create program participant segments. A crucial step in developing the organizational policy is to define BYOD users and identify various categories of program participants. This exercise gives the mobile policy committee the opportunity to think about any device type restrictions that may be needed, application restrictions and content issues. It also provides an opportunity for committee members to think through the financial implications of establishing a formal BYOD program, including user stipends or business expense rules applicable to employee devices.

 3.)  Select and deploy an enterprise mobility management platform. After the mobile policy is in place, committee members should assess their options and choose an enterprise mobility platform, keeping in mind their current technology and security needs and planning for future requirements. With technology evolving rapidly and employees choosing their own devices, it’s critical to think ahead and select a platform that can accommodate emerging technologies while keeping up with user demand and protecting corporate assets. The platform should feature strong network access controls.

 4.)  Plan to provide support for user-owned devices. Some company policy-makers mistakenly believe that BYOD means they no longer need to provide device support. This is a mistake that can lead to security breaches and decrease employee job satisfaction. Instead, companies should develop support protocols to manage all phases of BYOD, from device procurement and provisioning through decommissioning. By providing support and helping employees manage assets, technical professionals will gain valuable opportunities to ensure BYOD policies are followed, identify emerging vulnerabilities and help employees comply with safe practices.

From an enterprise IT perspective, BYOD is one of the most significant workforce technology trends ever. That means it’s absolutely essential to manage it proactively. By establishing a formal acceptable use policy, identifying policy decision-makers and user groups, selecting a management platform and providing ongoing support, IT professionals can maximize the benefits of BYOD and minimize the risks.
A Resource to Address 'Mobility Strategy Overload'
Vox Mobile has been evangelizing about the power of mobility to transform lives and businesses since our founding 8 years ago.  That whole time, we have been supporting and sometimes goading our clients to take steps towards utilizing mobility’s full potential. Through white papers, webinars, our support for Mobile Thought Leaders and an ever-growing list of executive briefing sessions, we have tried to make it easier and clearer for organizations to find their path towards deriving extraordinary value from their mobility program. Mobile Strategy Overload And Finally, the Year of the App! With the growth of relevant content and an expanding definition of Managed Mobility Services, or what we call Complete Enterprise Mobility, there is a need for curation; a need for a place where those who are interested in learning all they can about what the choices are in enterprise mobility and to obtain guidance in how others are making those choices. This blog will provide easier access to all the voices of expertise across Vox Mobile, The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA), Mobile Thought Leaders, our clients and our larger ecosystem. You can expect to find a wide range of thoughts and media linked from this stream including:Herein lies the problem that this blog will try to address.  
          • Best Practice: Short articles on best practices as gleaned from our consulting group, Vox Architect, and from our R&D teams working on various technologies.
          • Webinar Abstracts: We produce a number of web events and recorded presentations, usually lasting between 30 and 60 minutes.  The abstracts will give you a better sense of what is covered in the full event so you can decide whether it is the right resource for you.
          • New Products: Overviews of new products that may be of interest to our clients, including hardware, systems, apps, and services
          • Tutorials: Step-by-step instructions on technical or policy concerns that require some attention
          • White paper Abstracts: We will provide some of the key take-aways and the most interesting info graphics from our research and reporting so you can find the right white papers more easily and so those with short attention spans can learn a few things
          • Mobile Thought Leaders surveys and results: The Mobile Thought Leaders program (MTL) is helping hundreds of organizations fro around the globe to share their stories, insights and concerns about enterprise mobility.  Throughout the year, MTL sponsors market and technology research projects.  We will use the blog as one of the many places you can keep up with the opportunities to participate or access MTL research.
          • Event recaps: Not everyone can attend all the industry events, like Mobile World Congress, AirWatch Connect, Gartner Symposium, to name a few. As our team members take part in these events, they will attempt to bring back some notes on the experience, the themes and the lessons learned.

As I said, the list of materials and information is extensive, but we see this kind of information sharing as a critical part of our mission:

We empower our clients to achieve their business vision through Complete Enterprise Mobility. [learn more]

I look forward to sharing with you and welcome your thoughts and feedback.  
Vox Mobile Included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services Report for Second Consecutive Year
Vox Mobile Included in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Mobility Services Report for Second Consecutive Year
Vox Mobile, GEMA Team Up to Develop New ‘Open Source’ Model for Global Consulting Best Practices to Help Enterprise Mobile Providers Get Ahead of the Curve in Developing Markets
Vox Mobile hosted the first-ever GEMA Consulting Summit last week to facilitate the groundbreaking collaboration, aimed at developing a set of open source-style best practice standards that would provide a framework for enterprise mobility solution providers around the world to use in solving enterprise mobility challenges for multi-national companies.
Vox Mobile Named a Leader in Global BYOD Management Services by Independent Research Firm
Vox Mobile, a leading provider of complete enterprise mobility solutions, today announced they were named a leader in global BYOD management services by Forrester Research, Inc. The report, "The Forrester Wave™: Global BYOD Management Services, Q2 2014”, selected and evaluated the 13 vendors in the emerging BYOD ecosystem and Vox Mobile received the highest score in the group for Focus and Customer Feedback.
Mobile Thought Leaders opens the 2014 Trust Score Survey
Which mobile platforms do you trust?
GEMA selects EVRY as Exclusive MMS Partner for Nordics Region
EVRY ASA, covering the Nordic Region (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark) joins as associate member for GEMA.
New GEMA Member Boosts Global Managed Mobility Services in Ireland
CWSI joins the world's leading managed mobility services provider.
5 Best Reasons to Embrace BYOD is released
Mobile strategy brief on the BYOD business case outlines methods and strategies for cost savings, cost avoidance, efficiency and innovation including a means of quantizing those factors.
New Founding Member Enhances Global Managed Mobility Services in Mexico
GEMA continues expansion with Mexican powerhouse, BMobile
GigaOM Forecasts Multi-vendor Enterprise Mobility
Cormac Foster reports that multiple over-lapping and fast changing solutions will be needed in the short term, until consolidation sets in.
John Marshall, AirWatch CEO, joins the Mobility Roundtable
The Executive Roundtable will ponder "what worked in 2013" as part of our 2014 Strategic Planning series.
GEMA continues global expansion
The Global Enterprise Mobility Alliance (GEMA) continues to expand coverage.
GEMA adds Italian partner, YouCo
GEMA expands coverage of Europe with
Special Guests added to the Executive Mobility Roundtable for October
IT Leaders from The Principal Financial join the panel for a discussion of security, cost, and usability balance
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AirWatch Connect Atlanta 2014
AirWatch Connect, the leading event for enterprise mobility, connects you to the people, tools and technology to
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Chicago Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) Workshop
Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) Chicago Chapter invites all individuals working in enterprise mobility to a unique
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Future Webinars
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The 2014 MQ on MMS: An Executive Perspective
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The 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant on Managed Mobility Services signals a maturing of the industry and of the marke...
iPads for the Salesforce
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Apple in the Enterprise
September 19th 2014 [ 60 min] 2:00pm (ET) US & Canada (GMT 05:00)
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BYOD v2 - The Future of BYOD
September 23rd 2014 [ 60 min] 1:00 PM ET US & Canada (GMT 05:00)
All the data suggests that we are in a second wave of BYOD marked by more programmatic approaches, nuanced secur...