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Created June 4, 2015 by Jim Haviland

Wearables in the enterprise: Security nightingale or nightmare?

When Apple and IBM decided a year ago to ceremoniously lay down their swords to collaborate on enterprise mobility, neither mentioned the inevitable flood of wearables certain to hit businesses in a fittingly disruptive way, perhaps one day in numbers equivalent to smartphones and tablets.

But maybe they should have piqued our curiosity, even a little, especially given the subsequent hubbub surrounding the Apple Watch.

By most measures, there’s no denying that wearable devices, gadgets and objects, already catching hold among consumers, are soon to enter the enterprise in numbers large enough to prompt stepped-up security processes and BYOD policy adjustments. Researcher ABI isn’t alone in forecasting hefty wearables growth, projecting manufacturers will ship some 485 million units by 2018 and produce $19 billion in sales by 2019 at a compound annual growth rate of 56.1 percent.


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By Howard Fast • via Channelnomics