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Answers to the 60 Questions to Ask During the MMS Evaluation Process

In our continuing series on evaluating MMS providers we will begin by addressing questions that focus on the Reporting & Analytics stage of Managed Mobility Services.

In 2014, mobility industry executive Matt East identified 60 questions that companies should ask when evaluating Managed Mobility Service providers.  Finding an MMS vendor that can meet all of your company’s needs can be frustrating.  If your organization is considering implementing an MMS solution for the first time, or looking to switch vendors, knowing which questions to ask when evaluating providers can help.  The following blog series sheds some light on how Vox Mobile, a Gartner-recognized leader in MMS, would answer these queries within the following categories:


  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Invoicing & Carrier Bill Analysis
  • Daily Account Management, Technical Help Desk, and Customer Support
  • MDM/EMM Support and Technical Integration
  • BYOD Management
  • Implementation & Onboarding
  • Contract, ROI, and Pricing Model Costs


Reporting & Analytics


  1. Does Vox Mobile provide ad-hoc reports? How are they created?

Absolutely – most requests for reports are not as unique as you might think! More often than not if you want some form of a report, we have already done it. If not, we will create reporting that fits your needs. We do this by reviewing the requirements of your reporting by looking at what information you need and the cadence in which you need the reporting delivered. We will then create it and automate it for efficiency and speed of delivery. Do you need to know how many devices were activated every hour? Which end-users called us every day? How many people called in weekly with issues related to their email? No problem.


  1. Does Vox Mobile provide customized financial reports?

Yes – we have a set of standardized financial reports we provide through our Vox Control offering, but can adjust these to fit your needs.


  1. Can Vox Mobile allocate our mobile expenses across various cost centers?

Yes, this is a very common ask. As mobile devices are becoming more ubiquitous, companies are trying to keep these costs in check by distributing the costs across multiple users so it doesn’t appear that a singular division’s budget is growing out of control.


  1. Can Vox Mobile’s expense management solution make our costs more predictable?

It definitely can! In addition to saving money through managing buffers, avoiding surprises on monthly bills is one of the keys to our offering. We work hard to understand minute and data trending with your company to make sure your bills stay predicable and low.


  1. Does Vox Mobile compare existing carrier contracts to ensure billing is in line with our pre-negotiated rates?

Yes we do – Vox Mobile completes monthly audits to verify that all charges are in-line with your contracted rates.


  1. Does Vox Mobile provide zero use reporting for all devices and carriers?

Yes, and this is an important factor in managing spend.  It is very common to see Aircards and Hotspots that go months, or even years, without being used. We often see these put into desk drawers and forgotten about. We audit for, and find these devices and will come up with the most cost-effective solution to eliminate the monthly cost of them.


  1. Does Vox Mobile provide the top users and exception reporting?

Absolutely! The most effective expense management can come from the education of your end users. Knowing who the top users (or abusers) are can help identify opportunities for usage optimization. For example, a video-streaming service, such as Netflix, can use upward of 2.3GB/hour of data – meaning that one movie someone watched on their phone could use over 5GB of data! Helping users understand the cost and consequences of minute/data/international usage can go a long way toward managing your mobility spend.


  1. Does Vox Mobile provide account detail reports showing cost and utilization for our entire mobility program?

This can be done, however it is not a common ask among our existing customers. Our in-depth set of reports already gives you great visibility into costs. However, we can provide you additional ‘high-level’ reporting to suit your specific needs.


  1. Does Vox Mobile provide analytical reporting to our cost center managers proactively via email?

Definitely! For companies that chargeback expenses to individuals / departments this reporting can be very helpful in controlling and understanding the costs associated with mobility.


  1. Does Vox Mobile provide cost reconciliation of monthly carrier invoices?

Yes and you will need us to do this! Let’s face it, carrier bills are deliberately difficult to read. Taxes, fees, surcharges, regulatory fees, service fees, credits, and proration, to name a few, are all there to make your bill confusing. Being able to reconcile these charges is important toward understanding where your money is going each month to better keep your spend under control.


  1. Can Vox Mobile provide monthly cost reconciliation for all phone numbers based on actual usage?

Of course – an important part of expense management is allocating costs. It’s not fair that other departments would have to pick up part of the bill for one user with thousands of dollars of international charges so we break-out those costs and detail the charges for base plans vs. overages and add-on features


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West, Matt. “60 MMS Evaluation Questions.” 24 June 2012. Web

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