Contract, ROI, and Pricing Model Costs with Vox Mobile

Answers to the 60 Questions to Ask During the MMS Evaluation Process

In our continuing series on evaluating MMS providers we will now address questions that focus on the Contract, ROI, and Pricing Model Costs of Managed Mobility Services.

In 2014, mobility industry executive Matt East identified 60 questions that companies should ask when evaluating Managed Mobility Service providers.  Finding an MMS vendor that can meet all of your company’s needs can be frustrating.  If your organization is considering implementing an MMS solution for the first time, or looking to switch vendors, knowing which questions to ask when evaluating providers can help.  The following blog series sheds some light on how Vox Mobile, a Gartner-recognized leader in MMS, would answer these queries within the following categories:


  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Invoicing & Carrier Bill Analysis
  • Daily Account Management, Technical Help Desk, and Customer Support
  • MDM/EMM Support and Technical Integration
  • BYOD Management
  • Implementation & Onboarding
  • Contract, ROI, and Pricing Model Costs


Contract, ROI, and Pricing Model Costs


  1. Please describe Vox Mobile’s base pricing model.

Our pricing model is flexible to meet the vast needs of our customers. We offer both ala carte options and bundled options based on your needs.


  1. Are there additional costs for any of Vox Mobile’s services or consulting services?

Any custom work needs to be scoped and our consulting services are incremental. Additionally, customers are allotted a percentage of incidents per month from their end users. This is set based on their current mobility incident volume. If a customer exceeds the allotted percentage of incident volume, they may incur incremental charges.


  1. Are there any other additional charges that were not outlined or described above? If so, please describe and outline now.



  1. Are there implementation, onboarding or set-up fees?

Yes, but this is scoped on a case-by-case basis.


  1. Is there a term agreement associated with the length of the contract?

Our standard term is 12 months with a 60 day, no questions asked out clause. We just need 60 days’ notice. We will even help you to migrate over to another provider or operationalize this in-house.


  1. Can you describe the cancellation process?

We ask for 60 days’ written notice.


  1. Can I speak with at least 3 references?

We will give you 5!  :)


  1. What is the typical net hard cost ROI you provide for your customers?

20% to 50% savings depending on several factors including # of FTEs, wireless overspend, weighted salaries.


  1. How is the hard cost ROI calculated?

We have a business case modeling exercise that we leverage to identify current mobility operational and functional costs and compare that to the wireless savings we can find + what it would cost to do business with Vox Mobile.


  1. Are any of Vox Mobile’s services outsourced? Which ones?

Not a single one.


  1. Can Vox Mobile support a custom project through professional services?

Absolutely!  We can provide you with some interesting case studies in which we describe how we’ve done this with many of our clients.  We’re always up for a new challenge!


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