Digital Transformation: Best Practices & Trends of 2018

For most companies, digitization is a standard part of daily operations but the levels of maturity, the sense of urgency, and the technologies and practices being employed vary greatly.  As always, MTL/DXTL members want to know what everyone else is up to. This research explores the tactics and technologies of digital transformation as well as the players and motivations that are being employed to make it work.  This event provides guidance on how many members are seeing or dealing with DX and marks the launch of a three-month study on member activities in the area, interests in learning, and experiences that can be shared.

Discussion topics:

  • What is included in DX?: A review of the definitions and examples
  • Is DX for everyone? Where is it being applied to greatest benefit?
  • How can you help support your organizations’ next steps? About the study

Featured Speakers:

  • Robert Ruelas, VP of End User Computer Sales, VMware
  • Jim Haviland, Managing Director, DXTL
  • Rob Seemann, VP of Sales and Marketing, Vox Mobile

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