Spend Management.

Mobility represents one of the most unpredictable costs organizations struggle to effectively manage.

Do you have control over your mobile costs?

Our mobile expenses have spiked, and we don’t know why.
How can we be sure we are up to date on the latest carrier plans?
We are unable to allocate mobile costs to the appropriate business units, departments or individuals.

Managing the complexities of your mobile spend is a full-time job. In a world of multiple carriers, and rapidly changing devices and platforms, Vox Mobile has the systems and expertise to proactively manage your mobility spend 

Our Spend Management services go beyond the typical TEM software solution. We provide complete spend visibility and analysis, make continuous optimization recommendations, and implement the needed changes. You’ll see measurable savings and understand how to plan for what’s ahead. Now that’s predictable.

Lack of visibility and time is costing your organization dearly in mobile costs – until now.

Going beyond the typical Telecom Expense Management solutions, our experience, our people and the analysis of your expenditures, usage trends and carrier contracts allows us to deliver outcomes - versus the traditional approach of presenting you with data that you still have to decipher. 

Key Capabilities: 
  • In-depth visibility and billing analysis across all carriers and suppliers 
  • Usage trend analysis 
  • Complete visibility to carrier charges distributed to the right management levels within your organization 
  • Monthly business analysis and optimization recommendations
  • Implementation of any changes with your carriers to save you time and reduce costs
  • Organizational cost allocations with an AP file in your format
  • Easy to read, actionable reporting on key cost control targets (i.e. zero use lines,  international usage, data buffer and more)
  • Dedicated subject matter experts that stay up-to-date on carrier offerings, guaranteeing you the most beneficial plans for your environment
  • Carrier contract compliance tracking 

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Operations Management Resources

Valuable mobility content, events and news.

How many of you have old smartphones sitting in a drawer or cabinet at your desk? It would be safe to assume many of you do. The establishment of a robust mobile asset management and recovery solution would almost certainly be worthwhile for most organizations. However, such a solution would also be extremely challenging to implement.

Mobile Thought Leaders gathered for an MTL Online event to review the findings of the 2018 Strategy Research. The report itself has been out for a while and has been the focus of many discussions at MTL Live events and elsewhere. Some of those discussions were represented by a panel including Vox Mobile’s Harjot Sidhu joining from Vancouver, British Columbia, VMware VP Jeff Mitchell, in Atlanta and Jim Haviland joining the discussion from Hollywood.

Much of the risk and hassle of enterprise mobility that Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) have talked about (complained about) over the past 7 years has involved the challenges of managing and securing the hardware throughout its lifecycle.  We talk about security but the projects fail, run over budget, or create embarrassing situations when devices get stuck or fall through the cracks in the life-cycle.