Lack of visibility and time is costing your organization dearly in mobile costs
until now

Most organizations have huge spikes in mobile costs – driven by a lack of visibility in usage trends, compliance issues, needed controls or simply a lack of foresight about future initiatives. Vox Control is a fully managed, outsourced service that will deliver the insights your organization needs to make informed spending decisions and to plan for the future, while assessing critical factors that meet the needs of your mobile users.

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Our mobile expenses have spiked and we don’t know why

There are two drivers to mobility cost: your contract and behavior. Organizations understand how to negotiate their contracted rates; however, many struggle to bring visibility to behavior. And unfortunately with mobility, you cannot “set it and forget it.” Each month, Vox Mobile architects will analyze your environment to ensure you have the correct pooling, complete business rules such as canceling zero use lines, and email manager summaries detailing the behaviors they should investigate to drive down costs.

How can we be sure we are up to date on the latest carrier plans?

Mobile carriers continually introduce incentives and special rate plans. While some may seem enticing at first, it is important to apply these promotions to your actual environment and compare your current rates. This takes a lot of time, time most administrators do not have. Vox Mobile architects receive all new incentives applicable and will analyze them against your environment. Each month, your service delivery manager will review the proposed changes and complete action items on your behalf.

We need to allocate mobile costs to the appropriate departments

Powered by the Encompass platform, Vox Mobile architects will create your custom allocation methodology and deliver files to your finance team each month, in their required format.

The Vox Control Process

With Vox Control, you will see usage trends, projected usage for growth and new apps, carrier and technology advancements to build a spending plan that incorporates control points and potential changes.


Vox Control, a managed service, will identify areas where your mobile spend can be optimized including how to control user behaviors that drive up costs, carrier compliance issues, device procurement practices, and projected mobile needs. An informed budget is a budget that can be managed to.


With Vox Control, you’ll eliminate mobile expense spikes and surprises. You’ll know you are investing in areas that enhance user productivity, responsiveness and satisfaction. The information you will have at your fingertips will enable you to manage to documented processes and demonstrate financial responsibility.


Vox Control ensures you know the latest available plans, who is using what and every cost attached, as well as factors that increase costs unnecessarily. Actionable reports will empower everyone to make changes that will enable you to consistently optimize your spend and make informed decisions for the future.

Vox Control

Key Capabilities:

  • Dedicated spend specialists stay up-to-date on carrier offerings
  • Open framework that pulls all carrier data together
  • In-depth visibility and billing analysis
  • Easy to read, actionable reporting on key cost control targets
  • Monthly account change recommendations and implementation with carriers
  • Experienced subject matter experts
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