You’re managing your mobility programs in the dark if all your systems don’t talk to each other

Mobility is no longer just a convenience, it has become a business imperative. Managing mobility’s many parts and nuances is resource intensive and more complex than anything IT has ever had to attempt in the past. Vox Choice is an asset management software designed to handle all the moving parts in mobility – changing technologies, security, policies, compliance, carrier contracts, device inventory , device replacement and much more. With Choice you’ll gain control of your organization’s mobile fleet.

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How can we best ensure compliance with our mobile policies?

Controlling costs is a core objective of all enterprises; however, all too often we see organizations create approval “alert fatigue” with their mobile program. Managers are inundated with multiple requests requiring their approval. Supported by a powerful rules engine, the Choice platform can automate your mobile policy and reduce the number of approvals required by management.

What is the best way to manage BYOD so our users are happy and the organization is protected?

BYOD is a powerful means to increase your workforce productivity - and at minimal costs to the organization. We talk to a lot of enterprises that have dedicated significant time and effort at developing sound policies, only to see them fail because they cannot reach successful execution. The Vox Choice software can easily translate your policies into a self-service tool which controls eligibility, discreet hardware and line of service ownership for hybrid environments and generates payroll feeds to finance; easily informing them who to pay.

We need an easy way for users to make mobile device requests and Administrators to manage our inventory lifecycle

Traditional procurement tools do not easily lend themselves to end-user mobile device requests. A transfer is different than a port and a new device is different than an upgrade. Your mobile policy may differ on what is done for a warranty replacement vs. an upgrade eligible damage replacement. Because the Vox Choice platform is built for mobility, it can take all these attributes into consideration, enabling your end users to easily make the request that is needed for their specific situation. Administrators benefit as well, with visibility into hardware usage of their mobile fleet. With options for device repairs, replacement, and retirement.

The Vox Choice Process

Enterprise Mobility Management requires a powerful software platform with access to all the vital information in one place to gain a true understanding of your mobile users, technology and issues.


Vox Choice, an embedded automation tool, enables you to rationalize your processes against industry best practices - while working with our experts in the enterprise mobility process.


With Vox Choice, you’ll leverage software to automate all the procurement, administration and self-service functions so your organization is able to focus on outliers and innovation for the future.


New capabilities and features are continuously added to the Choice software expanding integrations, offering more automation and providing deeper analytical insights for all the stakeholders in your mobile programs.

Vox Choice

Key Capabilities:

  • Open framework for integration of internal and external systems
  • Self-service portal with BYOD enablement
  • Automated policies and compliance management
  • Carrier contract integration and hardware audits
  • Stipend/cost allocation management
  • Asset lifecycle management and reporting
  • Device leasing, protection, and recycling programs (Vox Assure)
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