The advantage of experience to navigate the fast-changing mobile landscape

Does your team have the time or mobility experience to sort through all the questions and options you must explore as you build your mobility strategies and plans? Most IT teams don’t. That’s why they turn to Vox Mobile to advise them and map out the best course of action to address their mobility  needs – whether complex or basic.

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How do I get our executives aligned when it comes to our mobile strategy?

Mobility has become increasingly critical to line of business - with greater implications to Human Resources, Finance and Legal. To be effective while ensuring adoption, a holistic view must be taken across the organization to ensure alignment and set attainable goals. Vox Mobile architects guide your cross-functional teams through our facilitated workshops to develop and ensure adoption of your custom Mobility Blue Print.

We need a global mobility management plan

Carrier plans, hardware acquisition, billing and privacy rules all vary as you look across your global mobile environment. As organizations work to streamline their process, these differences create complexity, preventing you from getting your program off the ground. Vox Mobile architects provide organizations with realistic, scalable solutions - customized to your mobile program and optimized for the countries in which they will be executed.

How can we make BYOD work for our organization?

Vox Mobile architects are able to assist in planning and designing your BYOD program, wherever you are in the journey. We provide financial modeling to determine the costs, user entitlement to determine who is eligible as well as the policy and waivers to ensure compliance.

What is the right mobile technology/EMM software for us?

There are a lot of EMM providers and each technology is not without differences. Vox Mobile architects can assist you with an ‘apples to apples’ technical review, or if you prefer, guide you through a proof of concept to help test drive the technology.

The Vox Architect

Mobile strategy is complicated by an enormity of moving parts. Vox Architect breaks it down into tactical building blocks to step your team through the process – arriving at a highly-effective strategy.


Vox Architect consulting services leverage our proven processes and dozens of well-rationalized modules that can be applied to anything from technology selections to establishing a multi-year strategy.


Vox Architect advisory modules are designed to deliver clear, actionable outputs that will help your organization align behind what is needed to execute on a specific mobile initiative or the broader direction for mobility.


The tools and processes of Vox Architect are meant to solve problems and leave behind a framework for our clients.
You’ll be better equipped to mature
your programs and expand your plans
for the future.

vox architect

Key Capabilities:

  • Strategic consulting to design your mobility blueprint
  • Impartial advice on EMM software
  • On-site or remote technical professional services
  • Advanced configuration services
  • Advisory services providing ongoing guidance
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