Say Goodbye to Traditional TEM

Mobile Thought Leaders Online Event:

Telecom expense management is a full time job – requiring constant oversight of spend, audit carrier changes and cost allocations. However, the traditional TEM approach often leaves money on the table.  Join us to hear how you can uncover significant savings – similar to a leading pharmaceutical company, who managed to save $3.5 million from its quarter of a million assets under management.

Discuss & Debate:  Hear from a panel of industry experts to include AOTMP – a leader in TEM research, as well as your MTL peers at a Fortune 500 Insurance Provider.

Discussion topics will include:

  • How to gain visibility to efficiently manage telecom expenses
  • Tips in attaining ownership and stakeholder buy in
  • 5 Actionable steps to evolving you TEM strategy
  • MTL use cases and the road to significant savings

Featured Speaker(s):

  • Jim Haviland, CSO, Vox Mobile
  • Rob Seemann, Director Global Solution Architecture, Vox Mobile
  • Tim Colwell, SVP, AOTMP
  • Tara Pound, Director- IT Client Services, Erie Insurance