Then & Now: The EMM Evolution

Over the past few years the evolution of the enterprise market has shifted focus from MDMs (device level support) to EMMs (apps, content management, and more). Having a plan in place to ensure maximum up-time, application success and superior end-user experience – is an on-going investment that shouldn’t go overlooked. Whether your mobile applications reside in-house or hosted remotely, reliable technical and administrative support is crucial.  Join us to hear how MTL members handle operational escalations, what best practices are used to managing short and long-term projects, and what level of technical expertise this requires.

Discussion topics will include:

  • EMM’s role in IoT Management
  • Tactical vs Strategic Support
  • Aligning your EMM instance with your Mobile Policy
  • Proactive planning for on-going maintenance
  • MTL use cases covering best practices and recommendations

Featured Speaker(s):

  • Kris Snyder, CEO, Vox Mobile
  • Rob Seemann, VP of Solutions Engineering, Vox Mobile
  • Brett Wilson, Director Solutions Architecture, Vox Mobile
  • Jeffrey McGrath, Product Marketing, VMware

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