Mobile support you can count on.

Your mobile users have the help they need – anywhere, anytime, all the time.

Mobile technology is becoming more and more complex and critically important to business. Mobile users need an immediate response time – whether it’s a lost device, troubleshooting application problems or connectivity issues. Vox Mobile understands this urgency. Our highly-trained experts offer a knowledgeable point of contact, to keep your users operational and productive – at all times. 

What are your mobility management needs?

Let us manage the tactical day-to-day. Focus your internal resources on more strategic initiatives.
  • What do you do when someone loses their phone?
  • Do you struggle with unpredictable mobility costs?
  • Are you able to ensure fast response times for mobile application users?
  • Can you provide 24/7 technical and device support?
  • Do you have different levels of users with different support needs?
  • Do you need to secure and manage shared mobile devices?
  • Do you need assistance supporting your EMM software and keeping it up to date?
  • Are you looking for a single provider of EMM licensing software and EMM system administration?

Needs-based services – tailored to you.

We don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach – our mobile operations management services are “needs-based.” Your service package is defined based on your priorities, and we can scale our resources up or down, at any time, to adjust to your changing needs.

Mix and match our capabilities to fit where you need us most.

Put Vox Mobile’s managed services to work and improve your mobile success.

Let’s discuss your mobile operations management needs today.

Operations Management Resources

Valuable mobility content, events and news.

How many of you have old smartphones sitting in a drawer or cabinet at your desk? It would be safe to assume many of you do. The establishment of a robust mobile asset management and recovery solution would almost certainly be worthwhile for most organizations. However, such a solution would also be extremely challenging to implement.

Mobile Thought Leaders gathered for an MTL Online event to review the findings of the 2018 Strategy Research. The report itself has been out for a while and has been the focus of many discussions at MTL Live events and elsewhere. Some of those discussions were represented by a panel including Vox Mobile’s Harjot Sidhu joining from Vancouver, British Columbia, VMware VP Jeff Mitchell, in Atlanta and Jim Haviland joining the discussion from Hollywood.

Is there a business initiative that would add significant new value or savings to an organization right now that wouldn’t involve technology? We have asked this question at dozens of MTL events around the world with almost unanimous agreement that everything a business sets out to accomplish will require some new tech or new application of old tech.