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Not all endpoint management providers are the same. As a single-source provider of all things mobile, Vox Mobile can help you develop a smart, efficient UEM strategy so you can gain efficiencies now and scale quickly to meet future opportunities. We can align your business needs with leading unified endpoint management solutions, including VMware Workspace ONE, MobileIron and other Gartner-ranked solutions.

For many IT teams, the move to WFH (work from home) simply means MTM (more to manage)—everything from smartphones and tablets to desktops and laptops. The diversity of these devices creates a precarious balancing act for many tech teams. And many organizations have discovered that using the same enterprise mobility solution they’ve always used often leads to lost productivity and workforce frustration.

The best way to satisfy your WFH employees and handle that MTM is with UEM (unified endpoint management) solutions. UEM minimizes management complexity with unified access, enabling your staff to be more productive, anytime, anywhere.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the foundation for a comprehensive UEM solution. As the mobile universe of devices expands, so does your MDM with endpoints everywhere. Instead of your IT team using separate tools to manage each device, UEM provides a holistic and user-centric approach to managing all endpoints. Combining traditional client management of desktops and PCs with a modern enterprise mobility management (EMM), you get a comprehensive solution that does it all in a single platform. Unified endpoint management tools make it easy for you to scale your MDM by managing and supporting new technologies that become vital for the future of your business.

Mobile Application Management

The transformation to a remote or hybrid workforce created more endpoints than ever, and that’s only going to grow. UEM mobile application management gives your team the ability to deliver, secure, and manage any application so the right technology gets to the right users.

Whether it’s applications specific to your business or common-usage apps from the Apple, Google and Microsoft app stores, you can create access rules and policies that keep your corporate data protected while providing your employees with a consumer-style experience with features such as single sign-on. With this one comprehensive platform, you can flag non-compliant devices and configure automated remediation actions and limit content sharing between work apps only.

Mobile Identity Management

With workers anywhere and everywhere, using a variety of devices, verifying the identity of those wanting to access your network, even if they’re using a cloud-based workspace, can be difficult. What makes this more of a challenge is having security measures in place that protect your business from attacks, but also provide a seamless user experience to ensure workforce productivity.

Having an endpoint management solution in gives your team, and you, peace of mind to confidently verify users and grant them access to corporate data via their mobile devices. This level of integration ensures quick, intuitive, and secure access for your users using single sign-on to web and cloud apps via the desktop, without sacrificing security. It also gives users access to encrypted content repositories and support for the commonly used business third-party file sharing apps, such as OneDrive, Google Docs, and Box.

Enterprise Content Management

With so many endpoints and access from anywhere, the headaches of managing your content—delivering, accessing, and sharing—can make it hard for your teams to stay connected, collaborate, and innovate to grow your business.

As part of your management platform, enterprise content management provides you with complete visibility and governance over distribution, sharing, and collaboration of your corporate content. Securely deliver critical documents, images, and any type of files to multiple users’ devices, simultaneously. Enterprise content management as part of your unified endpoint management solution, makes it easy to connect people, processes, and technology together, so all of your teams can work smarter.

By isolating work-related content from personal content on BYOD devices through mobile device containerization, UEM makes it easy for your workforce to use the mobile devices they are most familiar with, without compromising endpoint security. Through containerization, your corporate data is siloed on personal devices, meaning it can’t be shared accidentally, or otherwise, through personal email, texts, or apps. This separation also gives your team the ability to wipe just the corporate side of BYOD devices should they become lost, stolen, or the employees leaves your company. All done remotely and quickly using your UEM platform.

Mobility Integration Specialists

It’s hard to keep up with ever-evolving mobility technology, uses, and needs. Unless you’re a mobility expert, like Vox Mobile. Since our inception, Vox Mobile has focused solely on helping our customers effectively and efficiently manage their mobile devices—from smartphones and tablets to laptops, desktops, and all things IoT. Our experienced and certified mobility integration specialists live and breathe mobility with a deep knowledge base of industry-specific use cases and mobile device user models—corporate owned and BYOD, unlimited usage and hybrid.

As an endpoint management provider, we can help you realize the full benefit of your unified endpoint management investment. No matter which UEM solution you choose, Vox Mobile will be with you at every step—from consultation through build out to everyday support. We have experience in all the industry-leading enterprise mobility solutions and have worked with hundreds of businesses, learning what works best and what doesn’t.

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