Financial and Telecom Expense Management Services

Supporting a diverse workforce—in size, location, and mobile devices—and navigating evolving mobility complexities for each of your teams—who needs what plan—can be incredibly difficult, time consuming, and expensive. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you’re paying for, how much you’re actually paying, and where you could reduce spend, it could be costing you even more.

Vox Mobile Telecom Expense Management (TEM) services help you streamline your invoice processing, simplify departmental allocation and reconciliation, consolidate silos of data, and effectively manage your mobile technology expenses—all in one place.

We work closely with you to understand how you envision your mobile infrastructure efficiently and effectively supporting your business goals. Once we know what you want to do, we can help you build a practical plan that can be implemented quickly and efficiently, and positively influence your budget.

Mobile Telecom Expense Management

In a world of multiple carriers, and rapidly changing devices and platforms, Vox Mobile has the systems and expertise to proactively manage your telecom spend. Our financial management services provide you with complete visibility and analysis into your telecom expenses, so you can see who spends the most, who spends the least, and cycles of usage.

Our Telecom Expenses Management services aggregate data—from usage and rate-plan optimization to carrier contracts and changes—and normalizes it into one accurate and transparent report. This easy-to-understand report helps you streamline invoice management so you know how much you’re spending, what you’re paying for, and most importantly, how you can optimize your telecom costs.

Mobile Asset Management Software

As the number of mobile devices in your fleet grows among your spread-out workforce, the need to monitor and control access to your sensitive corporate data is even more crucial. Our mobile asset management software platform is designed to handle all the moving parts—changing technologies, security, policies, compliance, carrier contracts, inventory management, device replacement, and more. Instead of manually managing all your mobile-related information—and possibly spending money where you could be saving it—our software easily integrates with all your critical systems to automate mobility management and close the gaps that could be cutting into your profits.

Cross-industry Benchmarks

You may think you have your telecom costs under control, but how do you know? Our TEM experts compare your mobility needs with similar organizations—industry, size, number of devices—to gain a broad perspective that enables us to comparatively analyze your data, device, and carrier costs with that of other companies. With this information, we can accurately predict annual expenditures and develop the most efficient enterprise-wide mobile budget solution possible.

ROI Calculator

Stop guessing what your telecom expenses are and run the numbers to learn how you can save. Our interactive ROI calculator breaks down your mobility costs—procurement and configuration, help desk support, MDM administration, and billing analysis and allocation—so you can clearly see what you’re currently spending and the financial benefits of outsourcing your enterprise mobile solutions needs to Vox Mobile.

Control Your Costs

Vox Mobile’s Telecom Expense Management services help you achieve your strategic goals by giving you greater insight into, and control over, your entire telecom spend.

Contact one of our mobile TEM experts to learn how we can help you control your mobility costs.

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