Outsourced Endpoint IT Support

For most organizations, the goal of improving mobile device and desktop support services, reducing costs, and mitigating risks can be a challenge simply because the number of devices, vendors, contracts, and end users is increasingly more complex every year. On top of all that, most mobile and IT initiatives are tied to larger digital transformation strategies, which can further complicate matters for your internal IT department.

Much of the time your in-house resources are spending on managing your organization’s mobile fleet, laptops and computers, and mobile device and endpoint management platform can bog down continuous business process improvement and user experience initiatives. Plus, unplanned costs and security risks become far too great to ignore as the need for more comprehensive—and complicated—mobile and endpoint IT solutions expands. Partnering with a qualified Mobility Management Services (MMS) provider, like Vox Mobile, for outsourced IT support of all your mobile devices can alleviate much of that stress—and risk—and put your organization on a path to mobile success.

Mobility Integration Specialists

Outsourcing to a partner who lives and breathes mobility and desktop support benefits your team by providing a trusted resource that is committed to helping your business grow. Our mobility integration specialists are an extension of your in-house resources, but without all the fuss and paperwork. Each member of our team has a deep knowledge base in all aspects of desktop and mobile device management. You can outsource any or all parts of your mobility management so you can alleviate the burden to your internal IT department, allowing them to focus on the strategic initiatives core to your business.

Total MMS Program Management

Many companies lack the experience, policies, and tools necessary to implement a successful enterprise mobility strategy. With the growing number of devices within your organization—smartphones, tablets, laptops—from a variety of vendors and carriers, it makes good business sense to partner with an experienced MMS provider to ease the growing financial and administrative burdens of managing your mobile fleet. Whether you’re just starting out on your mobility journey or are looking to increase the effectiveness of your current strategy, Vox Mobile is here to help. From strategic consulting focused on building a mobility roadmap to taking care of the day-to-day mundane tasks of deployment, telecom expense management, and technical support, we can help you save time and money.

Mobile Help Desk

More than just an IT support services desk, our mobility specialists are equipped to provide 24/7 end-user support for an array of devices, carriers, applications, and geographies. Our support services were built to deliver superior user experiences—with a 98% first-contact resolution rate—while keeping your end users operational anytime, anywhere.

  • Multi-lingual support team
  • Multiple contact methods, including chat, email, self-service knowledge base, and telephone
  • Integration with your current help desk structure
  • On-going technical support with escalation processes
  • Integrated support of your policies, guidelines, and systems
  • Trained agents on the most current mobility solutions
  • Reliable and flexible cross-carrier support
  • Accountability with monthly, weekly, or daily quality and service level monitoring

Desktop Support

Our Desktop Support services provide complete endpoint support services for Windows and Mac desktops as well as virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), such as VMware Horizon. Customers receive the same level of customer service with top priority first-call issue resolution through multiple contact channels, including chat, email, self-service knowledge base, and telephone. Desktop Support services include:

  • Patch management
  • Application management
  • Security, including antivirus and malware, disk encryption, and web filtering
  • Fully remote support
  • End-user support, including password resets, incident management, and troubleshooting

Mobile Device Deployment

Nothing can make your end users more unhappy than expecting to have a device that is ready for them only to discover there are more questions than answers—and even more headaches. Our Mobile Device Deployment services cover new installations and configurations, migrations, and upgrades to your existing environment—from hundreds to tens of thousands of devices—all with minimal impact to your end users.

Our support team of experts in our state-of-the-art facilities across the globe, utilize best-in-class processes to deliver customized deployments to fit your unique mobility needs. From device ordering and configuration through logistics management and recycling, our team will work with you to ensure all your specific requirements are met and using our well-defined quality control process—at each stage in the deployment process.

Mobile Device Management

Managing mobile devices across multiple locations and end users requires careful planning and setup. With an effective Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, your mobile devices work well together, and you can reduce service calls and overall business risk. Our mobility specialists are certified in all leading application technologies with an extensive knowledge base of best practices for a wide array of industries and use cases.

  • Provision, configure, manage, support, and secure your mobile devices
  • Locate and track devices anywhere in the world real-time or historically
  • Proactive alerts and audit reports on device status for policy compliance
  • Encrypt data, authenticate corporate access, restrict features, and lockdown devices
  • Ensure all systems meet your corporate standards and requirements
  • User-based subscriptions so your mobile platform can flex to scale as your business grows

Device as a Service (DaaS)

Never worry about out-of-date devices or being out of step with updates when you have Device as a Service (DaaS) full lifecycle management. When you outsource IT support services to Vox Mobile, recouping your old devices and deploying new ones is done automatically on a planned hardware refresh cycle, so you can be sure you’re getting the latest hardware and software into your employee’s hands.

From managing multiple supplier contracts and complicated agreements to helping you guard against security threats while meeting extremely high user expectations, we help you keep up with your rapidly changing technology needs.

Concierge Support When and Where You Need It

Find out how Vox Mobile can help you reduce support costs, mitigate risks, and improve your organization’s mobile capabilities to drive your business forward.

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Outsourcing your mobility help desk support enables you to optimize our mobility operations in a number of ways. Vox Mobile’s Help Desk Support Services team works as an extension of your company, supporting your most valuable resource — your employees. Here are the quick & easy answers to your help desk support questions.

Why outsource mobility management? There are many answers to offer, some that you’ve heard ad nauseam (“it’s cheaper”, “we’re the experts”, or “mobility is not what you’re best at doing”) and others you may not have considered (“separating yourself from other companies”, “having a mobility subject matter expert at your beck and call”, and “affords you the ability to implement new technology quickly”).

IT outsourcing goes through phases like fashion.  Some will swear by outsourcing, while others remain certain that insourcing is the only way to go, but the prevailing winds shift year by year. For most of IT services, of course, a learned, experienced professional knows that the answer to the outsourcing question tends to be “it depends.” The context of the current moment and the focus of the organization will change over time and will make one or the other more advisable.