An Executive Team Driven by
Innovation in a Mobile World

Vox Mobile’s executive team is made up of individuals that are passionate about the opportunity to drive business innovation through mobility. Each of our executives bring years of diverse experience but have a common thread of being highly motivated at the prospect of tackling complex challenges through a deep understanding of our customer’s business. This defines our culture at Vox Mobile.

Peter Paras

Chief Executive Officer


Tara McLoughlin

Chief Operating Officer


Rob Seemann

Vice President of Sales & Marketing


Matt Cross

Director, Technology Operations


Erin Glancy

Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering


Aly Madjerich

Director of Marketing


Leadership without boundaries.

Meet our Leadership Team.

At Vox Mobile there are no hard departmental or hierarchical lines – we all work together from CEO to our mobility architects and administrative staff to get the job done. The Leadership Team is made of people from every area of the company and its primary goal is to ensure we are doing the right things to foster a climate of open communication, collaboration and creativity

Ron Pollock

Vice President of Client Experience