Retail Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are the gateway to modern commerce. They have broken down the barriers between e-commerce and brick and mortar. As shoppers demand new omnichannel experiences, Vox Mobile helps retailers find new ways to provide just that.

Improving the Customer Experience

With the ability to influence customers throughout their buying journey, you can create dynamic customer experiences.

Enhance Customer Engagement
Kiosk tablets help shoppers locate items in your store. They can also provide parents with child-appropriate entertainment so they can have a peaceful shopping experience.

Streamline Omnichannel Commerce
Point-of-sale (PoS) devices enable your sales force to provide additional insights for customers, keeping them engaged with your brand and encouraging them to consider upsell opportunities that complement their initial purchase.

Empower Sales Associates
Your team can share real-time inventory availability, find prices, do searches to meet competitor’s pricing, and even use augmented reality (AR) apps to give them the next level of customer service.

Simplify Inventory Management
Turn your brand into the ultimate customer advisor. Your staff can provide real-time information about inventory in your store, at a sister store close by, or in the warehouse.

Leverage Mobile Checkout
Mobile checkout devices make it easy for shoppers to do their own checkout without waiting in lines. Short wait times are extremely important during peak hours or when shoppers only have a few items.

Create Contactless Transactions
Scan-and-go takes mobile checkout one step further, enabling shoppers to skip the checkout lane altogether. They charge their purchases to a linked credit or debit card on the mobile device or within the app.

Retail Mobile Device Management Solutions

On-going technology advancements  and increased use are overtaxing IT teams trying to effectively and securely manage mobile devices. That’s where Mobile Device Management (MDM) for Retail and Managed Mobility Services (MMS) come in.

Managing multiple mobile devices across your retail business can cause a load of headaches for IT administrators concerned with regulations, compliance, and productivity. With an MDM solution and the right policies in place you can:

  • Ensure mobile transactions are secure and that you meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard requirements for compliance.
  • Track device location and provide regular location updates, decreasing device loss, and if a device is lost, easier to find.
  • Prevent unauthorized access to unapproved apps and lock down devices that are used inappropriately.
  • Deploy mobile apps to smartphones and tablets across store locations, warehouses, and distribution centers all over the world.
  • Enforce network-use policies, including Wi-Fi settings, compliance guidelines, and network functionality.
  • Enroll all devices easily and manage them in multiple locations from a central console.
  • Implement a single policy that can be used for configuring settings for all devices, no matter their operating system.
  • Secure lost or stolen devices and remotely wipe those devices to protect your company data and intellectual property.
  • Update devices without having to shut them down and without user intervention.
  • Establish the security of all applications, even those that are custom built, before deploying them to devices in the field.

Vox Mobile helps you capitalize on your potential

The world’s leading retailers rely on Vox Mobile to overcome what is arguably the most complex technology challenge they’ve ever faced—managed mobility services. As a single source enterprise mobile solutions provider, we help retailers of all sizes. Vox Mobile offers a variety of products to build your mobile strategies, operationalize your mobile programs, and support your mobile users.

Real-time support
Achieving and maintaining reliability in your mobile devices is a strong determinant of sales success and customer loyalty. That’s why our team is available to make sure your mobile devices are always up and running.

Unbeatable service
Our mobility management solutions experts can help you deploy mobile apps that improve the customer experience and reinvent fulfillment.

Enhanced experience
Vox Mobile provides personalized, mobile-enabled services with 24/7 systems monitoring, state-of-the-art logistics and help desk facilities.

Expanded opportunities
Don’t get bogged down in device management. Free up your internal resources to focus on innovation and moving your business forward.

Flexible options
You can outsource any or all of your mobility to our experienced team so you can focus your internal resources on the strategic initiatives core to your business.

All-inclusive Device-as-a-Service
Combined device management with industry-leading managed mobility services means we manage your multiple supplier contracts, complicated agreements, rapidly changing technology, 24/7 support needs, device security threats, and extremely high user expectations.

Increased ROI
Vox Mobile has the experience and resources to help you fully leverage mobility and achieve your business outcomes. Increase revenue, enhance workforce productivity, and gain greater customer loyalty.

Enterprise Mobility Management Makes Shopping a Pleasure

Mobile devices are helping the retail industry meet the ever-changing needs of consumers, while also enabling them to pivot quickly. See how mobile device management (MDM) is helping retailers across multiple customer touch points streamline operations and find new revenue opportunities.

Nation’s Largest Outdoor Specialty Store – Deploying, Managing, and Supporting Tablets to More Than 175 Stores

Check out how Vox Mobile helped retailer empower their “save the sale” initiative with tablets that not only support associates’ ability to provide real-time price matching but also enable them to take payments to remove any roadblocks in the purchasing process.

There’s so much to celebrate at Vox Mobile.

There’s so much to celebrate at Vox Mobile.

It’s another great new year and there’s so much to celebrate at Vox Mobile.

Let us help you drive mobility success.

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