Retail and Hospitality: Capitalizing on Mobility's Potential

In the $5 trillion U.S. retail industry, smartphones are the gateway to commerce – so much so, mobile devices stand to replace credit cards while continuing to aid savvy shoppers in discovery, research, couponing, showrooming and webrooming. Retailers, too, are finding new ways to benefit from mobile devices in an omnichannel world.

Improving the Customer Experience

Vox Mobile’s Complete Mobility Management solutions help retailers deploy mobile apps that improve the customer experience and reinvent fulfillment with methods such as “click and collect” that enable shoppers to call in and clerks to meet them with their purchases as they drive up to the door.

Most retailers have already made significant investments in supply chain management and mobile technologies. However, many are falling short supporting a mobile workforce and offering shoppers the true convenience that only comes when clerks can access all the store’s IT systems via a single smartpad – handling everything from checking inventory to taking payments without heading to the back or going to the counter. Vox Mobile provides this level of personalized, mobile-enabled service with 24/7 systems monitoring and our state of the art logistics and help desk facilities.

Vox Mobile has the experience and resources to help our retail clients fully leverage mobility to achieve a wide variety of goals including increased revenue, workforce productivity and customer loyalty.

Managed Mobility Services from Vox Mobile enable restaurants to get more out of their mobility investment and continue serving customers.

This leading casino-entertainment provider understood the efficiencies gained by leveraging mobile applications. Unfortunately, their vision of breakthrough innovation fell short without a streamlined approach to application management. End user experience was negatively impacted when multiple departments were required to manage the applications, leaving room for numerous failure points.

This leading casual dining restaurant company wanted to transform their image and become the trendsetter for the millennial generation. Looking to combine the fast food and sit-down dining experience, they needed to reduce the resources required to order, deliver and collect payment in their restaurants. Under their current model, these processes required human interaction at every stage, leaving the door open for inefficiencies, human error and a poor user experience.

This market leader had a business critical need to ‘save the sale’ that would otherwise go to a competitor. Consumers would frequently come into their store in order to view and handle desired merchandise, only to price shop from their mobile device, leave the store and order online from a competitor.

This hospitality giant faced many challenges in managing one of the largest fleets of WIFI-based devices and a largely mobile-enabled workforce. The complex environment includes high device velocity, wide variety in types of mobile users (both employees and guests), shared versus personal devices, high device wear and tear, and a very low adoption rate of its BYOD policies.

Delivering a great customer experience is the #1 priority at this popular restaurant. With a menu that has over 300 items and seasonal menu changes, staff training is critical to delivering a great dining experience. With concerns about overwhelming its staff, store leadership were on a mission to provide them with training in a user friendly way.

At Vox Mobile, we recognize that our greatest asset is our employees.

Since the pandemic, healthcare organizations—that once shied away from allowing BYOD in their facilities—have embraced the mobile technology. Though some are still struggling to figure out how to ensure they meet stringent requirements and restrictions when it comes to privacy and security.

We are so proud of our team and everything they do to ensure our customers’ experience and expectations are met—and even exceeded.

Let us help you drive mobility success.

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