Mobile Device Management in Hospitality

In the hospitality industry, reputation and ultimate success depend on the quality of the guest experience. It’s no surprise that mobile devices lead hotel technology trends as one of the most impactful ways to positively influence that experience, as well as your entire operations.

Comprehensive Guest Experience

Kiosk check-in
Providing guests with a variety of hotel check-in models lets them use their preferred method. From the start, you can set the stage for a personalized experience.

Staff Engagement
From front desk agents to servers at the pool, mobile devices let your staff share menus, locations, and attractions with guests. Mobile devices can also make it easier for staff to gather critical information for guest profiles.

Information and amenities
TVs in the lobby and tablets in each room share up-to-date information about your facility. They enable guests to easily book reservations for amenities and attractions.

Room service
Using your hotel app on the in-room tablets, guests can order room service and contact housekeeping if they need something. This also streamlines operations in your kitchen from receiving the order to delivering it to the room.

Service personnel can be contacted immediately when there is a problem anywhere on the property. Mobile devices also help supervisors monitor productivity and encourage accountability for a higher level of guest service.

Provide guests with a variety of ways to check-out. Streamline room prep to let housekeeping know the moment a guest checks out.

Managers can use apps to review bookings and access detailed reports. View and optimize the average length of stay, satisfaction ratings, and guest comments.

Supervisors can monitor service devices to streamline workflows, provide insights into employees who may need assistance increasing their efficiency, and gain visibility into company-time theft.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Solutions in Hospitality

Depending on the size of your hotel’s facilities and/or the number of hotels in the chain, managing what could be thousands of devices can seem like a daunting task with a limited IT team. A mobile device management platform can eliminate unnecessary stress and help your team drive efficiency.

With an MDM solution for hospitality, you can:

  • Enforce network-use policies for all devices across the network, including Wi-Fi settings, compliance guidelines, and network functionality.
  • Lock down and/or find lost and stolen devices using remote management
  • Simplify app management so your guests get a streamlined experience when using your apps, on your devices or theirs.
  • Quickly manage displays throughout the property to keep staff and guests up to date and provide exceptional service.
  • Elevate hotel operations by providing managers with the ability to maintain control over the execution of services and operations.
  • Review workflows, performance analytics, and device usage, and ensure that hotel-owned devices aren’t misused by employees.
  • Reduce the risk of costly incidents relating to data exposure and breach by protecting data, preventing leaks, and remotely wiping data from unauthorized user devices.
  • Ensure mobile transactions are secure and that you meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard requirements for compliance.
  • Enroll all devices easily and manage them in multiple locations from a central console.
  • Establish the security of all applications, even those that are custom-built, before deploying them to devices in the field.

Vox Mobile is ready to serve you

As a single-source mobility solutions provider, Vox Mobile has the proven expertise to handle your day-to-day mobility management and provide you with end-to-end services that take hospitality mobility to the next level.

Augment your IT
Reduce the demand on your IT resources, expand your support capabilities, and lower mobility costs.

Asset management
Let us handle all the moving parts in your mobility, from security and policies to carrier contracts and device inventory. With Vox Mobile as your partner, you can have better control over your mobile fleet.

Expense management
In a world of multiple carriers, and rapidly changing devices and platforms, Vox Mobile has the systems and expertise to proactively manage your mobility spend.

Licensing discounts
Get substantial license discounts available. If you already have a licensing agreement in place, we can address all aspects of managing your hospitality technology, driving enterprise adoption, and reducing shelf-ware.

Real-time support
We provide an exceptional level of personalized, mobile-enabled service. With Vox Mobile, you’ll have access to 24/7 systems monitoring, state-of-the-art logistics and help desk facilities.

Flexible options
You can outsource any or all of your mobility to our experienced team so you can focus your resources on the strategic initiatives core to your business.

Increased ROI
Vox Mobile has the experience and resources to help you fully leverage mobility and achieve your business outcomes. Increase revenue, enhance workforce productivity, and gain greater guest loyalty.

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Leading Casino-Hospitality Provider – Insight at the Point of Action Leads to Application Success and Superior User Experience

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There’s so much to celebrate at Vox Mobile.

There’s so much to celebrate at Vox Mobile.

It’s another great new year and there’s so much to celebrate at Vox Mobile.

Let us help you drive mobility success.

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