Healthcare: An Industry in Transformation

As consumerism, smart devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) proliferate, there is enormous room for ingenuity and improvement in healthcare. However, HIPPA compliance, cost pressures, security and the unique needs of a mobile healthcare workforce presents what can seem like insurmountable challenges.

Enhance each moment in the patient experience

Empower opportunities for point-of-care providers

Enable your IT team to streamline mobility management

Extend mobility benefits across your healthcare organization

Patient Experience

Self-check in kiosks
Patients can quickly and securely review their records and answer questions, alleviating unnecessary stress from the start.

Open communication
Hospitalized patients can communicate freely with their care team, using secure provided devices, to streamline patient care.

Device location tracking
Staff ensure patients are getting on-time treatments and the services throughout their visit or stay with device visibility and tracking.

Remote monitoring
Hospital stays are shorter with patients going home but still being monitored remotely by staff or home health aides.

Point-of-Care Providers

Drive efficiency
Increase staff efficiency, keep everyone focused, and ensure security with controlled access to websites, mobile apps, and documents.

Patient records
Practitioners can gain access to patient health records, history, and lab results instantly and accurately for better decision-making.

Problem resolution
The care team can securely share patient information and advice in real time to solve problems and handle emergencies in a timely manner.

Record keeping
Providers can add notes to patient health records, such as vitals, questions from the patient, and observations in real time instead of at the end of their shift.

IT Department

Mobility management
IT can remotely manage and update multiple devices at once and distribute and uninstall apps and content on individual devices.

Enhanced security
Admins are notified about any security incidents and can quickly lockdown and erase any patient data or records remotely.

BYOD management
Medical information can be siloed on personal devices so care staff can use their own devices without compromising data security.

More capabilities with less staff
Even a lean IT staff can manage and support a variety of devices with different access-level requirements and third-party apps efficiently.

Healthcare Organizations

Record security and compliance
Ensure all mobile devices, including BYOD, operate in compliance with government regulations and follow internal company policies.

Time management
Reduce the time it takes to check patients in and out, as well as speed up the insurance, benefits, and payment processes.

Less paperwork
Alleviate the need to look for patient files or locate lost files, the time it takes to refile records, and the cost of storing paper documents.

Enhances ROI
Driving efficiency across your entire organization—from reception to back office, point-of-care to IT, you reduce spend while encouraging patients to continue their relationships with you.

Vox Mobile is the cure for your mobility headaches

Vox Mobile makes it easy for you to get the most out of your mobility. Our experience with mobile device management in healthcare is unmatched, all the better to take care of your business.

Lifecycle Management
No more outdated mobile apps or devices, or contract renewals popping up when you least expect them. We ensure that your team has the most reliable devices in-hand with no surprises to keep them from providing the utmost care.

First-call Resolution
You team doesn’t have the time or experience to go through a laborious diagnosis and remedy process. If we can’t solve an issue over the phone, we’ll send a new device immediately, so your staff can get back to helping patients.

Trusted Mobility Advisor
From consultation and design to staging and same-day delivery to help desk support and other end-user support services, our team of mobility services specialists can set you on the right path and manage your journey.

Greater ROI
Providing management assistance to streamline your mobility efficiency is only one way we help you get more out of your mobility investment. We offer the most substantial licensing discounts, or can manage your current licensing agreement, as well as drive enterprise adoption and reduce shelf-ware.

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There’s so much to celebrate at Vox Mobile.

There’s so much to celebrate at Vox Mobile.

It’s another great new year and there’s so much to celebrate at Vox Mobile.

Let us help you drive mobility success.

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