EMM System Administration.

Around the clock EMM systems support and security monitoring – keeps your mobile enterprise running.

Managing the full weight of your mobile infrastructure support needs with EMM system.

Mobile technology and EMM systems are now a central part of most business systems. Maximizing up-time and ensuring an EMM secure environment is paramount to delivering on application success and user expectationsThe complexities of infrastructure support and EMM security is placing a growing demand on internal IT resources – taking away from the ability for these resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. 

Whether your EMM applications reside in an in-house or hosted server environment, take advantage of Vox Mobile’s EMM system administration services to reduce the demand on your IT resources, expand your support capabilities and lower mobility costs.

Flexible EMM Options to Support Any Mobile Environment.


Outsourced Admin

Offload your EMM infrastructure function to us. You’ll have a team of EMM experts to remotely administer and monitor your company’s servers to quickly resolve issues, implement policies, monitor security risks, and install operating EMM system updates.  


Escalated EMM Admin Support

Leverage a skilled EMM team with just a phone call or email for added support to your in-house team. Whether you need advice or quick action 24/7 support to resolve a time-critical issue or specific system update initiative, Vox Mobile is here to help. 


Corporate App Store Build & EMM

Our industry-recognized team of EMM experts can partner with your organization to build or manage a Corporate App store. Our expertise spans across multiple device platforms including iTunes, Google Play, Microsoft Marketplace and BlackBerry World.  

Dedicated, deep technical expertise in mobile security, advanced EMM server configuration, support and monitoring.

With Vox Mobile’s extensive EMM System Administration service capabilities, you’ll off-load some of the demand on your IT resources, eliminate the need to add staff or invest in specialized expertise.

Key capabilities: 
  • Personalized EMM Support Account Manager 
  • 24/7 EMM servers monitoring and management   
  • EMM implementation, service packs and full upgrades 
  • Immediate responses and escalation to your EMM OEM  
  • Bundled Instance Management and EMM support
  • Flexibility for changes in number of resources, technologies, and required expertise
  • Agnostic advice on the leading cloud-based and on-site EMM platforms
  • BYOD policy, patch and advanced configurations support
  • Enhanced user experience through Single Sign On (SSO) and advanced configurations
  • Corporate App store build and EMM
  • Secure test environments

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Operations Management Resources

Valuable mobility content, events and news.

How many of you have old smartphones sitting in a drawer or cabinet at your desk? It would be safe to assume many of you do. The establishment of a robust mobile asset management and recovery solution would almost certainly be worthwhile for most organizations. However, such a solution would also be extremely challenging to implement.

Mobile Thought Leaders gathered for an MTL Online event to review the findings of the 2018 Strategy Research. The report itself has been out for a while and has been the focus of many discussions at MTL Live events and elsewhere. Some of those discussions were represented by a panel including Vox Mobile’s Harjot Sidhu joining from Vancouver, British Columbia, VMware VP Jeff Mitchell, in Atlanta and Jim Haviland joining the discussion from Hollywood.

Much of the risk and hassle of enterprise mobility that Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) have talked about (complained about) over the past 7 years has involved the challenges of managing and securing the hardware throughout its lifecycle.  We talk about security but the projects fail, run over budget, or create embarrassing situations when devices get stuck or fall through the cracks in the life-cycle.