Digital Transformation was a Long Haul for Truck Drivers

EMM helps streamline Logistics Management to keep America moving


America’s trucking industry is the lifeblood of the country, supporting a supply chain of thousands of people, in thousands of places, transporting hundreds of thousands of things. Whether delivering fuel, food, or any kind of freight, streamlining logistics management enables everyone involved in the supply chain to drive efficiency and enhance productivity.

Two companies that were looking for better ways to impact their efficiency and bottom line—one a leading propane gas distributor and the other a full-service freight transportation provider—looked to mobile technology solutions to deliver what they were looking for. Both companies realized that in order to optimize operations they needed to move away from paper records and log books to hand-held mobile devices that could withstand rugged environments. The propane company chose both standard-size and smaller iPad® Minis and the freight company went with Samsung J7 smartphones.

However, there were some roadblocks to digitally transforming their trucking operations, including overcoming end-user reluctance to adopting new tech, provisioning thousands of devices across the country, managing all of those devices, and ensuring that the apps drivers depend on were always available and operational anywhere on the road.


The majority of each company’s delivery drivers were reluctant to adopt new ways of doing the tasks they were accustomed to doing. The devices used to empower the driving fleets needed to be easy to use and be equipped with the appropriate apps that could do everything management needed, as well as be simple to learn and navigate while doing deliveries.

As a single-source provider for software licensing acquisition, supporting all the leading enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions, Vox Mobile worked with each company to simplify their mobile digital transformations by bundling all the services, including end-user support, VMware’s Workspace ONE EMM solution, device deployment (staging and kitting), management of the swap of devices coming and going, and control services to manage their carriers—all in one quarterly payment. In addition, Vox Mobile handled the incremental device replacements and facilitated repair and recycling of aged devices.

Using best-in-class mobile expertise, Vox Mobile helped them also streamline and automate antiquated processes, which vastly improved efficiencies. This helped eliminate downtime and routing mistakes, and improved customer service.

Application management was another way Vox Mobile helped both companies stay on the road. Our experienced team made sure that mission critical apps, like Cylinder—used by the propane distributor’s team was also able to provide the information drivers needed, like GPS tracking, driving directions and route optimization tools, cylinder inventory management, cylinder exchange and receipt, and management of federal safety regulations. Because it was so easy to use, drivers where enthusiastic to use their new iPad® devices, having a clear view into their daily travels with information around routing and rerouting, customer data, order management and fulfillment, troubleshooting, federal and state regulatory compliance, and the ability to capture and upload e-signatures from clients.

The freight company looked to Vox Mobile in helping to resolve the issue of varying carrier rates as their fleet drove from coast to coast. We suggested DataXoom, a data mobility provider with exclusive partnerships with the nation’s leading LTE carriers, which enables them to pick up the data connection from any of the major network providers so they aren’t at the mercy of choosing only one carrier. This helped the company save thousands of dollars a year while keeping customer costs down and enhancing the company’s profit opportunities.


For both companies, mobility transformation was a big victory for logistics teams and drivers as it connected them all in one place and in real time. Each company saw a near overnight increase in customer retention and satisfaction, as well as employee job satisfaction. This real-time data sharing means control room personnel and dispatchers can make better decisions in managing deliveries and pickups, meaning that resources—from workforce hours to fuel—are being used more wisely. Other departments, such as HR can easily monitor how much driving time drivers are clocking to ensure they stay within government regulations for safety and that drivers aren’t getting burnt out.

Most recently, Vox Mobile helped enhance the freight company’s ability to keep up with growing shipping demands due to the coronavirus pandemic. We deployed, configured, and kitted more than 200 devices to be used in shipping yards to coordinate trucks between pickup points within their large yards.

Vox Mobile’s participation in helping to keep America moving includes enabling truckers, and the companies they work for, have the most up-to-date apps, the right devices to fit their needs, and support anywhere anytime to ensure their mobile devices are making their jobs more efficient and drivers more productive.

We also helped them save money by auditing their devices that weren’t being used and helped them save on carrier and mobility management costs associated with these devices.

Vox Mobile is a valuable piece of the puzzle when it comes to delivering success across the country.

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