Why would I outsource my company’s mobility management to a managed service provider?

By Matt Cross
Topics: Managed Mobility Services (MMS) Mobility Support

I’m often asked this question by prospective customers or whenever someone new joins the company of a current customer.

There are many answers to offer, some that you’ve heard ad nauseam (“it’s cheaper”, “we’re the experts”, or “mobility management is not what you’re best at doing”) and others you may not have considered (“separating yourself from other companies”, “having a mobility subject matter expert at your beck and call”, and “affords you the ability to implement new technology quickly”).

Here’s a bit more context on the questions above:

  1. “It’s cheaper.” – This is a possibility, but not guaranteed. Your internal costs can vary based on numerous factors such as:
    1. Whether you are looking to provide 24X7 hours of support or 8X5 M-F
    2. The number of employees you currently have delivering these services
    3. The quantity of devices being supported
    4. What type of services you are considering

You’ll need to use a cost calculator to determine if providing in-house mobility management support is less or more costly than utilizing a managed service provider.

  1. “We’re the experts.” – “Expert” has become a bit cliched, as the rapid pace at which technology evolves makes it near impossible to truly be an expert. But what this mobile evolution forces us to be are thought leaders – constantly training, testing, and even failing as we strive to stay up to speed on the required skills to be visionaries in the mobility space.
  2. “Mobility management is not what you’re best at doing.” – This comment, like the “cheaper” comment above, depends on your company size, the robustness of your internal mobility management support model and the areas your company has focused on specializing in up until now. With small to midsize businesses, we consistently see employees tasked with being mobile experts on top of their core daily responsibilities. These are the instances where our specialized teams can step in and drive your mobile program forward (be it end-user technical support, MDM/EMM administration, device deployment, reverse logistics, wireless expense management, or strategic consulting) and allow you to stay focused on your core business.
  3. “Separating yourself from other companies.” – This one is rather simple. If you are partnered with a Managed Service Provider (MSP), you are likely to be operating more efficiently which will allow you to adapt to new technologies quicker than your competitors.
  4. “Having a mobility subject matter expert at your beck and call.Does your company have the mobility experience to sort through all the questions and options you must explore as you build out your mobility management strategy and roadmap? Most IT teams don’t have this luxury. Vox Mobile will advise you and map out the best course of action to address your mobility needs, no matter the size.
  5. “Affords you the ability to implement new technologies quickly.”An established managed service provider will have the mobility management resources to implement new projects immediately after kick-off. Handling the same project in-house might involve weeks or months to hire the right people, train them, and provide the support they need. A high-quality MSP will bring years of experience from the onset on most implementations, saving you time and money.