Who’s Afraid of Digital Transformation (DX)?

By Jim Haviland
Topics: Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

In preparation for a recent Mobile Thought Leaders (MTL) Online meeting, research was pulled on what is being said about digital transformation in the press.  Publishers are usually pretty close to the current Zeitgeist because they have to be.  Attention is hard to grab so you need to be focused on the things that are most likely to grab attention.

Hundreds of articles are being published every week on digital transformation (DX). This has been true for years in the technology press, as the rise of the tech giants have smashed previous business models (think Uber and Airbnb) and all the leading analysts and consultants were sounding the charge for digital change, but it has taken a while for the business press to catch up.

Unfortunately, in spite of years of conversation about DX in other circles, many business leaders remain unsure of the path or value of digitization. Myriad stories of dramatic successes like Amazon along with dramatic unwinding of entire industries like retail still leave many business leaders with more fear of failure than fear of inaction.

To help with this dire state of affairs, the Mobile Thought Leaders have embarked on a number of efforts to help their membership to educate and lead their organizations’ (and their organizations’ leadership) through the process of finding their opportunities and proper motivations in DX.

The MTL Online event titled “Digital Transformation Trends” provided the members in attendance with a broad set of resources and tools to help frame the conversation with their organizations and leadership as well as a vision for the roles they can play now and in the future.