Vox Mobile Celebrations – September & October

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Stand-Out Employees, Birthdays and Anniversaries

More Treats Less Tricks

Happy Halloween and of course we have a few treats to celebrate this month. Take a look.

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month for September

Brittany Cox, Contact Center Supervisor

Brittany began her Vox Mobile career in August 2017, as a Tier I Technical Support Specialist. She immediately proved herself to be a great fit in our Contact Center with her ability to handle multiple high-profile and high-volume accounts and her willingness to take on even more work as our company has grown. Brittany has excelled in every role she has had here, serving as a subject matter expert for multiple high-profile clients, assisting our Training Department whenever asked, and serving as an escalation point for our Specialists whenever they need assistance. As a result, she was promoted to Tier II Technical Support Specialist in December 2019 and Tier III Technical Support Specialist in October 2020. She immediately elevated the performance of the training team, as she kept the same drive, positive attitude, and stellar performance she exhibited in her ascension through Technical Support. When a supervisor position opened up in Technical Support earlier this year, Brittany was the ideal candidate to full this role based on everything detailed above.

“Brittany is very knowledgeable, helpful, and easy to reach out to. She’s been great to work with since she was promoted too! I am nominating Brittany for her dedication and professionalism, for her honesty, transparency, and being truthful for her commitment to help us, her team and guidance to make us better Technical Support Specialists. She is always advising, inviting, and showing us how Vox Mobile is a good company that works with and for us and we as employees appreciate that.”

  • Nelia Lan-Rios, Bilingual Technical Support Specialist, and Alyssa Up, Tier I Technical Support Specialist

Matt Cross, Senior Director of Technical Services

Matt celebrated his 10-year anniversary at Vox earlier this year, as he joined the team as our Manager of IT in February 2012. He has all three of his teams running at incredibly high levels. Our Enterprise Mobility Services team ended September at 100% SLA, their 5th straight month at 100%! They also have a YTD CSAT score of 100%. Our Fulfillment team has deployed 70% more devices than the first 9 months of last year WHILE improving both their quality and CSAT metrics!  Our Application Support and ServiceNow teams are running smoothly with an intense focus on quality.

“Matt’s experience, technical acumen, and leadership abilities drive the credibility of his departments and our overall Operations. He leads by example, treating every employee with respect and understanding. Matt always speaks highly of Vox, our employees, and our clients. In my decade plus working with him, he has constantly been a supporter of our company and maintains a positive mindset. As detailed above, Matt’s teams are consistent high performers. This is conveyed through the retention of all key employees so far this year, near perfect CSAT scores, and incredible SLA performance!”

  • Ron Pollock, Chief Operating Officer

Tristan Sitz, Technical Solutions Engineer

Tristan has been with Vox Mobile since February 2020, joining the Solutions Engineering team supporting Sales, our internal Professional Services team and numerous prospective and existing clients. His knowledge and expertise give us instant credibility with customers, partners, and prospects. He is often invited to a call on a minute’s notice, and he is quickly able to display his knowledge and problem-solving ability.

“I’m sure I have nominated Tristan to win Employee of the Month in the past and I’m sure he has won, but he deserves continuous recognition. He is a vital part of the Sales team and is critical to our success, particularly when it comes to technical related matters including EMM, industry trends, and industry best practice. I have a ton of respect for how Tristan handles customer situations calmly, with confidence, and in simple terms that everyone can understand. He and I mesh very well in tandem as we both value consultative selling that is informative and offering guidance, while not pushing the customer in a direction that isn’t necessarily what they need. That approach has time and time again put us in position to land and expand with customers. Most of our professional services engagements we have sold this year would not have been possible without his support and oversight. His technical knowledge meets or exceeds the level of our customer contacts which is incredibly important to establishing credibility and generating new sales.”

  • Ryan Cherkala, Director, Channel Partnerships

Brittany, Matt, and Tristan are each eligible for our Q3 Employee of the Quarter where they will have the opportunity to receive a $200 Amazon gift card (on top of the Vox apparel they will receive for their September wins).

October Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all the Vox Mobile team members born in October.

  • Luke Xu, BI Reporting Analyst
  • Rachel Holdman, Tier II Fulfillment Specialist
  • Adarsh Sharma, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Derrek Greene, Tier II Technical Support Specialist
  • Prabhjot Singh, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Ampu Sasidharan Nair, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Jay Patel, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Cruise Deshevy, Contact Center Supervisor
  • Rajesh Saha, Tier I Technical Support Specialist

October Anniversaries

It’s great to see so many on the Vox Mobile team celebrating work anniversaries this month. We appreciate all that you do to make Vox Mobile a success.

  • Desean Rudolph, Contact Center Supervisor – 12 years
  • Erin Glancy, Senior Vice President of Customer Success – 8 years
  • Dan McClinton, Project Coordinator – 6 years
  • Precious Stewart, Tier II Procurement Specialist – 6 years
  • Stephanie Wood, Enterprise Mobility Specialist – 6 years
  • Josh Novak, Senior Director of Technical Operations – 5 years
  • Nigel Burke, Enterprise Mobility Specialist – 4 years
  • Dumitro Ruday, Tier III Technical Support Specialist – 4 years
  • Shawnee Turner, Tier II Technical Support Specialist – 4 years
  • John Williamson, Manager of Performance Optimization – 4 years
  • Tre’von Brown, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year
  • Manuel Ramos, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year

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