Vox Mobile Celebrations – September & October

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Vox Mobile Celebrations

Stand-Out Employees, Birthdays and Anniversaries

At Vox Mobile, we recognize that our greatest asset is our employees. We invite you to join us in celebrating the achievements of our September 2021 Employees of the Month, and warm wished to those celebrating birthdays and Vox Mobile anniversaries in October.

Employees of the Month – September

Shyla Blevins – Supervisor, Procurement

Shyla celebrated her 10-year anniversary earlier this year, joining our team in 2011 as Procurement Specialist. She has been an integral member of the team, receiving multiple promotions and plenty of additional responsibilities over the years! Shyla currently supervises high-performing teams throughout the U.S., Canada, and Philippines.

“Shyla took over Canadian procurement to go along with all U.S. procurement. This resulted in a significant increase in volume that her team processed. She also is working with her counterparts to create new processes that enhance future procurement outcomes.”

  • Dan Macovi, Manager of Technical Support and Procurement
Michael Materna – Information Technology Security Analyst

With just a few months under his belt at Vox Mobile, Michael shines as our first Information Technology Security Analyst. Before joining our team, Michael was a Network Security Engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland.

“Michael stepped up to the plate when a request for a security audit came over in the final days of the contract negation and was a required step to close the deal. I set a pretty tight timeline for Michael to complete it and Michael exceeded my expectations, turning the documents around the very next day!“

  • Bonnie Bray, Sr. Director of Enterprise Solutions

Please congratulate Shyla and Michael on being named our September Employees of the Month when you have a moment!

Employees of the Quarter for Q3

Speaking of outstanding employees, we’re proud to announce the Q3 Employees of the Quarter. But before we do that let’s recognize the achievements of everyone nominated in Q3:

July Employees of the Month

  • Jessica Barum, Tier II Procurement Specialist – Independence
  • Rob Rein, Senior Enterprise Mobility Specialist

August Employees of the Month

  • Bill Burslem, Manager, Deploy
  • Brian Moscollic, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – Independence

September Employees of the Month

  • Shyla Blevins, Supervisor, Procurement
  • Michael Materna, Information Technology Security Analyst

A round of applause for these 6 outstanding Vox Mobile team members! And now the winners of the Q3 Employee of the Month (drum roll):

Jessica Barum and Michael Materna

 You can learn more about Michael’s Employee of the Month win above and check out the write up on Jessica’s Employee of the Month win here. Please congratulate both on their outstanding performance in Q3!

October Birthdays

All of us at Vox Mobile would like to wish everyone with a birthday in October—especially our team members who give so much of themselves every day for our customers—a special birthday. Hoping all your wishes come true!

Happy Birthday to

Payal Patel – Oct 7

Devan Stojadinovic – Oct 8

Emily Francisco – Oct 9

Devin Daniels – Oct 16

Derrek Greene – Oct 19

Cruise Deshevy-Renouf – Oct 23

Rajesh Saha – Oct 25

Jacquelyn Schuster – Oct 26

Elliston Sample – Oct 31

October Anniversaries

We are so proud to have the following team members as part of the Vox Mobile family. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. Congratulations on your anniversary!

Precious Stewart – Oct 3

Joshua Novak – Oct 9

David Rumbaugh – Oct 10

Desean Rudolph – Oct 11

Erin Glancy – Oct 13

Dumitro Ruday – Oct 15

Shawnee Turner – Oct 15

Nigel Burke – Oct 15

John Williamson – Oct 29

Stephanie Wood – Oct 31

Daniel McClinton – Oct 31

Are you looking for a career where your hard work is appreciated, and your achievements celebrated? Check out our Careers portal to find out how you can join the Vox Mobile team.