Vox Mobile Celebrations – November & December

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Vox Mobile Celebrations

Stand-Out Employees, Birthdays and Anniversaries

Join the entire Vox Mobile team as we celebrate our outstanding November 2021 Employees of the Month and celebrate those on our team with birthdays and Vox Mobile anniversaries in December.

Employees of the Month – November

Todd Ruscin – Deployment Specialist

Todd is quickly approaching his four-year anniversary, joining the Deployment team in January 2018. Very dependable, Todd has been doing our inventory counts since the beginning of the year and the counts have been at 100% for over 6 months! On top of that he was invaluable when we were shorthanded in November, taking on additional tasks to help us ensure we met some of our largest accounts’ expectations. He consistently performs at a high level.

“Todd did all this, plus his normal daily inventory tasks. We did not miss any clients counts and our inventory was at a 100% accuracy rate. Todd helping out kept Deployment’s SLA above our goal at a 99.5% SLA. He also processed 83 devices with no errors.”

  • Bill Burslem, Manager, Deployment

Jonathan Strachan – IT Support Specialist

Jonathan started with Vox Mobile in May 2017 as a Procurement Specialist. Due to his technical skillset and experience, he was promoted to an IT Support role in less than a year. He has always been a team player, willing to help with Apple questions in Deploy and Admin where he is able to use knowledge of the Apple ecosystem. A team player, Jon covered the department for an entire month when his coworker was out on Paternity Leave. He handled all tickets that came in, including taking care of multiple new hires and client onboarding tasks.

“Accepting this task of covering the department for a month included 24/7 on call for the entire month. During this time, Jon maintained a 100% CSAT score.”

  • Josh Novak, Sr. Director, Technical Operations

Todd and Jonathan are each eligible for our Q4 Employee of the Quarter.  When you get a chance, make sure to congratulate Desean and Kishankumar.

December Birthdays

Happy Birthday and warm wishes to all those born in December, especially our outstanding team members. Sincere thanks for your hard work throughout the year.

  • Michael Materna – Dec 3
  • Michelle Mather – Dec 4
  • Jahmal Edwards – Dec 6
  • Cornell Vernon – Dec 6
  • Jamie Swaninger – Dec 10
  • Katyayini Bhatnagar – Dec 11
  • Rashida Workman – Dec 18
  • Jesse Barksey – Dec 19
  • John Williamson – Dec 20
  • Devon Rucker – Dec 21
  • Ray Woods – Dec 21
  • Ryan Lima – Dec 21
  • Bradford Guthrie – Dec 26
  • Prashant Chanda – Dec 26
  • Brittany Cox – Dec 29

December Anniversaries

Thank you to all of our employees celebrating anniversaries in December. You are such a valuable member of the Vox Mobile team! 🎊🥳

  • Kunal Chanda – Dec 2 – 2 Years
  • Parkirat Preet – Dec 2 – 2 Years
  • Tejindar Sardar – Dec 2 – 2 Years
  • Jamie Swaninger – Dec 3 – 3 Years
  • Derrek Greene – Dec 10 – 12 Years
  • Andrew Westbye – Dec 12 – 5 Years
  • Jean Black – Dec 16 – 2 Years
  • Beth Winemiller – Dec 16 – 10 Years
  • Mbakwa Victor Anyangwe – Dec 18 – 4 Years
  • Meichell Grandberry – Dec 30 – 2 Years

Are you looking for a career where your hard work is appreciated, and your achievements celebrated? Check out our Careers portal to find out how you can join the Vox Mobile team.