Vox Mobile Celebrations – May 2021

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Vox Mobile Celebrations

Hires, Promotions and Stand-Out Employees

Vox Mobile is committed to hiring, training, and maintaining top talent in order to best serve and support our clients and end users. We are excited to celebrate our standout employees for May 2021 and share those who have been promoted to new roles.

Employees of the Month – May 2021

Devon Rucker, Tier II Technical Support Specialist

Devon joined the Vox Mobile team in April 2018 as a member of the CIBC dedicated project team before being hired full-time later that summer. Since then, Devon has consistently maintained the highest average of calls handled across the entire U.S. team, averaging more than 350 calls each month. He has exceeded expectations from a performance scorecard standpoint for more than a year straight. Based on his continued outstanding work, he was recently promoted to Tier II Technical Support.

“Devon has shown that he can handle more work and he is taken on a leadership role in our group chat every day. Devon has the respect of his fellow team members. He tries to lend a hand whenever needed. Devon has my respect and continues to grow. That exactly what you like to see in a Tier II Tech.”

  • Desean Rudolph, Contact Center Supervisor

Julianna Wu, Real Time Specialist – Workforce Management

Julianna joined Vox Mobile in August 2017 as a Technical Support Specialist in our Waterloo office. She moved to a newly created role on the Workforce Management team in December 2019, where she has been responsible for scheduling and monitoring our Technical Support performance throughout each day.

Juliana has shown significant growth in her skills and abilities in Workforce Management.  After completing training on our new WFM system, she took on new responsibilities as a primary system administrator for the software (in addition to her existing duties of queue management, PTO approval and scheduling changes.) She did all of this while still maintaining a 97% rating on her reporting.

“Julianna’s insights on contact center and agent specific performance are relied upon by our Operations leaders to make decisions that guide service delivery. She exemplifies the kind of knowledgeable, specialized type of employee at Vox Mobile who separates us from our competition. The work behind the scenes is critical to directing end-users to the correct Specialist and just in time.”

  • John Williamson, Manager of Performance Optimization

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