Vox Mobile Celebrations – July 2021

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Vox Mobile Celebrations

Promotions and Stand-Out Employees

Vox Mobile is committed to hiring, training, and maintaining top talent in order to best serve and support our clients and end users. We are excited to celebrate our Employees of the Month for July 2021, as well as those who have been promoted to new roles.

Employees of the Month– July 2021

Jessica Barum, Tier II Procurement Specialist

2021 marks five years since Jessica has joined Vox Mobile as a Tier I Technical Support Specialist. Not long after joining the team in September 2016, she transferred to the Procurement team and has been a top performer each month since. She consistently works hard to exceed expectations set for her role, which has led her to another promotion earlier this year. Jessica continues to progress as a Tier II Specialist and was named an Employee of the Month for July 2021.

“Jessica shows a natural leadership mentality and takes it upon herself to jump in wherever the need is greatest, which is very important when representing the Procurement Department and Vox Mobile.

  • Shyla Blevins, Procurement Supervisor
Rob Rein, Senior Enterprise Mobility Specialist

Rob has been a part of the Vox Mobile team since October 2008, making him the 3rd most tenured employee in the entire company. Rob’s work ethic is unmatched, and his expertise is apparent through his relationships with his peers and customers, making him a deserving recipient of the Employee of the Month title.

Rob is a well-respected member of the team and is always available to help in any situation. With over a decade of experience in Mobile Device Management administration, he is trusted to provide the highest level of support on several large client accounts.

“Rob’s personal performance speaks for itself.  He has gone above and beyond multiple times to help maintain the team’s overall performance and contributing to helping the team improve through training and development. Outside of his technical skillsets, one of Rob’s biggest strengths is in his ability to cultivate strong working relationships with our customers.  These relationships help keep clients renewed and engaged with Vox Admin services.”

  • Matt Cross, Senior Director of Technical Services


Anand Sharma, Tier II Support Specialist

Anand started with Vox Mobile in September of 2019 as a Tier 1 Support Specialist and quickly became the subject matter expert for all the major Canadian clients. With an average of 400+, he consistently has the highest average of calls taken per month and has scored an average of 4.2 for the past 12 months on those calls, making him a worthy candidate for a Tier II Specialist role.

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