Vox Mobile Celebrations – January

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Stand-Out Employees, Birthdays and Anniversaries

Let’s Celebrate

It’s another great new year and there’s so much to celebrate at Vox Mobile. Join us in recognizing our outstanding employees, congratulating those promoted to new roles, and those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in January.

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month for December

Hemangi Rai, Tier III Technical Support Specialist

Hemangi began her Vox Mobile career in September 2016 as a Tier I Technical Support Specialist in our Waterloo, ON office. She was promoted to Tier II in 2019 and was then promoted again to Tier III Technical Support Specialist in January 2021.Hemangi has earned a reputation as one of our hardest working, most knowledgeable and incredibly vital employees. She serves as the subject matter expert on multiple accounts, including two of our largest and most important clients in Fraser Health and VPP.

“Hemangi prides herself on her vast knowledge and is always able to help and answer questions. She has assisted with making complex issues easier to understand. She is able to adapt and change her training style to each individual which is a skill very few have. She is also able to train people based on their learning styles. I believe that she is the glue that holds the tech department together and deserves recognition from everyone for her excellent teamwork.”

  • Brandi Lindy, Procurement Specialist

Michael Williamson, Fulfillment Specialist

Michael is still one of our newer employees, as he joined the Vox Mobile team in the Fulfillment department in June of last year. In just six months, he has blown us away with his incredible efficiency, work ethic and ability exceed any goal placed in front of him. This is best reflected in his 4.9 average performance scorecard since joining the team! 

“Michael worked as part of the team which brought Returns to the New 48-hour SLA. In December, he averaged processing 70.6 devices a day on a goal of 30. He saw the backlog in returns and embraced the challenge to complete the project by the end of the year. He actually helped us reach the goal 2 weeks earlier than expected!”

  • Bill Burslem, Manager, Fulfillment


Hurray to the Employees of the Quarter for Q4!

We’re also so excited to announce the Q4 Employees of the Quarter. But before we do that let’s recognize the achievements of the Employees of the Month for October and November.

October Employees of the Month

Sabrina Peters, Tier I Technical Support Specialist

Larry Scullin, Staff Accountant


November Employees of the Month

Cort Cable, Sr. Manager of Software Solutions

Akshay Deepa, Procurement Specialist

A round of applause for these outstanding Vox Mobile team members! And the winners of the Q4 Employee of the Quarter are: Hemangi Rai and Michael Williamson.

Both Hemangi and Michael will each receive a $200 Amazon Gift Card for winning Employee of the Quarter. Please congratulate both on their outstanding performance in Q4!


New Year – New Roles: Promotions

Five Vox Mobile team members really kicked off the new year in style with brand new promotions.

  •  John Birol to Senior Enterprise Mobility Engineer
  • Cort Cable to Director of Software Solutions
  • Daniel Macovi to Senior Manager of Canadian Operations
  • Souda Sonbouttasene to Sr. Expense Analyst
  • Andrew Westbye to IT Supervisor

Your hard work has paid off. Congratulations.


January Birthdays

Happy Birthday to all those kicking off the new year with a birthday celebration in January. Wishing you a great birthday and a memorable year. From all of us at Vox Mobile.

  • Kunal Chanda, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Matt DeSantis, Senior Enterprise Mobility Consultant
  • Chris Fleming, Quality and Analytics Supervisor
  • Latoya Hayes, Procurement Specialist
  • Isaac Johnson, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Peter Paras, Chief Executive Officer
  • Andrew Parent, Lead Software Engineer
  • Zachary Pontello, Tier I Technical Support Specialist


January Anniversaries

Thank you to all Vox Mobile employees celebrating their service anniversaries in January. We sincerely appreciate all your hard work and efforts and are proud to have you as part of our family.

  • Ryan Jacin, Project Coordinator – 11 years
  • Cruise Deshevy-Renouf, Contact Center Supervisor – 10 years
  • Dan Macovi, Senior Manager of Operations – 10 years
  • Jennifer Robert, Senior Expense Analyst – 10 years
  • Compton Alford, Fulfillment Specialist – 5 years
  • Todd Ruscin, Senior Inventory Control Specialist – 5 years
  • Dayna Orlean, Customer Success Executive – 4 years
  • Tracy Hendrix, Contact Center Supervisor – 3 years
  • Bibin Jose, Bilingual Technical Support Specialist – 3 years
  • Dasia Williams, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 3 years
  • Asraa Aleem-Uddin, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year
  • Sharyn Chettiar, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year
  • Dency Fernandez, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year
  • Akhil Mohanan, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year
  • Akshay Pandita, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year
  • Jay Patel, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year
  • Alex Pauken, Chatbot Manager – 1 year
  • Khaleel Siddiqui, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year
  • Sabrina Peters, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year
  • Muhammed Zuhair, Tier I Technical Support Specialist – 1 year


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