Vox Mobile Celebrations – February

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We Love Our Employees

This is our chance to celebrate all our amazing team and call out January’s Employees of the Month, those who are reaching new heights with promotions, and of course, team members celebrating birthdays and service anniversaries in February.

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month for January

Dustin Callico and Jonathan Strachan, IT Support Specialists

Dustin, who started as a Technical Support Specialist in August 2016, and Jon, who started as a Procurement Specialist in May 2017, are both excellent examples of our promote from within culture. Jon was promoted to the IT team in early 2018, whereas Dustin worked his way up the Technical Support ranks before joining the IT team in April of last year. Both have served as great examples of the technical expertise that makes customers choose us for the quality work we provide. Their ability to complete this arduous task in the time lime provided is a testament to the IT teams dedication to getting the job done.

“Dustin and Jon went above and beyond with our Five9 Implementation. Both worked long hours and unusual hours on weekends, nights and overnight to line up all the sometimes seemingly infinite setup possibilities in the new system. In addition to the long hours, setting all this up required hours of planning, learning, understanding how to translate from InContact to Five9, making decisions, and collaborating with others. After executing they remained responsive and professional, fixing issues as they arose and communicating in a timely manner to ensure we were able to attend our callers’ needs. I cannot say enough good things about both Dustin and Jon in their efforts to make this transition happen. It took personal sacrifice for both to achieve the goal, and that sacrifice is appreciated!”

  • John Williamson, Senior Manager of Performance Optimization

Hallie Huff, Technical Support Specialist

Hallie has been on the Technical Support team since September 2018. For the past couple months, she has been filling in on our Training team as a Training Specialist. Hallie, like Dustin and Jon, is being recognized for her excellent contribution in training our Specialists on Five9, our new telephony platform.

 “Hallie worked with me on getting the techs set up and trained in the new phone system. She worked closely with our team on getting training materials and knowledge to relay to techs on how to access and operate the new system. For as long as I’ve known Hallie, she has always been a respectful person not only to users but to other techs as well. Working with Hallie while I was in Tech support was very pleasant as I know I could count on her. I feel that Hallie is one of the best Technical Support Specialists we have! She stepped into the Training department in an interim capacity and that should be recognized. It shows that she can be versatile and adapt to a lot of different situations and excel at them. She picks up knowledge fast and it sticks with her.”

  • Dustin Callico, IT Support Specialist

Dustin, Jon, and Hallie are each eligible for our Q1 Employee of the Quarter, where they will have the opportunity to receive a $200 Amazon gift card (on top of the Vox Mobile apparel they will receive for their January wins).

New Hires

  • John Doyle, Fulfillment Specialist
  • Cassandra Frederick, Fulfillment Specialist
  • Annalise Reeves-Reyes, Fulfillment Specialist


Join us in congratulating these team members who have been promoted:

  • Jessica Barum to Tier III Procurement Specialist
  • Mark Gellately to Tier II Procurement Specialist
  • Dayna Orlean to Senior Customer Success Executive
  • Jeff Schaeffer to Senior Customer Success Executive

February Birthdays

Warm wishes to all the great members of our team celebrating birthdays in February. We hope your special day was full of happiness, fun and cheer! 🎂

  • Walter Bizzell, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Jean Black, Tier II Technical Support Specialist
  • Chris Cavalier, Systems Administrator
  • Derek Crumbley, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Avadhesh Dave, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Ernest Mcilwee, Fulfillment Specialist
  • Parkirat Preet, Tier I Technical Support Specialist
  • Hemangi Rai, Tier III Technical Support Specialist
  • Sarah Retza, Customer Success Manager

February Anniversaries

For all those celebrating service anniversaries in February, our entire team thank you for all of the motivation and encouragement you’ve given us throughout the years. May you continue to inspire us for many years to come!

  • Matthew DeSantis, Enterprise Mobility Consultant – 17 years
  • Matt Cross, Vice President of Technical Services – 11 years
  • Ryan Cherkala, Senior Director of Sales – 10 years
  • Latoya Hayes, Tier II Procurement Specialist – 6 years
  • Cameron Hodgson, Customer Success Executive – 6 years
  • Sarah Retza, Customer Success Manager – 6 years
  • Brian Moscollic, Technical Support Specialist – 5 years
  • Byron Hayes, Fulfillment Specialist – 4 years
  • Ajay John, Technical Support Specialist – 3 years
  • Justin Nogle, Fulfillment Team Lead – 3 years
  • Harmanpreet Singh, Technical Support Specialist – 3 years
  • Tristan Sitz, Technical Solutions Engineer – 3 years
  • Derek Crumbley, Technical Support Specialist – 1 year

Join Our Team

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