Vox Mobile Celebrations – August & September

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Vox Mobile Celebrations

Hires, Promotions and Stand-Out Employees

Vox Mobile is committed to hiring, training, and maintaining top talent to best serve and support our clients and end users. We are excited to celebrate our Employees of the Month for August 2021, as well as those who have joined the company or been promoted to new roles.

Employees of the Month – August 2021

 Bill Burslem, Manager – Deploy

Bill was recruited to join the Vox Mobile team in August of 2019. Since then, Bill’s efforts have improved Deployment services. Bill is being recognized as an Employee of the Month for the continued improved performance of his team in 2021.

“Bill strives to exceed expectations daily. He genuinely desires to help his teammates, the department, and the company in any way he can. Bill has been integral in optimizing our deployment workflow and creating value for our clients. His willingness to take on new challenges and technologies no matter how complex has made Bill a pleasure to work with.”

  • Cort Cable, Application Support Senior Manager
Brian Moscollic – Tier I Technical Support Specialist, Independence

Brian has been on the Vox Mobile team since February 2018, originally joining for a large project to start, and later becoming a full-time employee at the conclusion of the project. Brian has consistently stood out due to his appreciated combination of positivity, high-energy and willingness to help anyone on his team who needs him.

“Over the past few months Brian has stepped up his involvement and is a team player.  He has let it be known he wants to be involved in more projects within the Tech Support Department.  He is great at accepting constructive feedback and doing his best at correcting any issues.”

  • Tracy Hendrix & Desean Rudolph, Technical Support Supervisors

Promotions – September 2021

Brittany Cox, Training and Development Specialist

Brittany started her journey at Vox in August of 2017. She quickly became the subject matter expert for a number of clients. Her hard work earned her a promotion to Tier 2, where she continued to stand out as someone who techs could count on for answers and escalation help, quickly earning her another promotion in October of 2020. In her roles, she had frequently been assisting the training department by delivering classes in the US, so officially moving to the department was a natural next step.


Brittany will bring a strong work ethic, willingness to help, and friendly personality to the role. Most importantly, she comes equipped with a detailed knowledge of nearly all the US clients and will be a much-needed asset that will help balance the training departments familiarity with clients across the support center. Brittany will be responsible for helping to create and maintain our training content, facilitating classes of all types, and assisting other departments with projects as needed.

New Hires – September 2021

We are excited to share that we have added four new members to the Vox Mobile team this month. These individuals will contribute knowledge to their teams and their expertise from their unique experiences will be used to support our clients and end users.

Welcome to the team!

  • Shandrea Vanessa Sherman, Technical Support Specialist
  • Aldrin Sunny, Technical Support Specialist, Tier 1, CA
  • Saksham Sharma, Technical Support Specialist, Tier 1, CA
  • Gurbir Pannu, Technical Support Specialist, Tier 1, CA

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