Vox Mobile Celebrations – April & May

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Things are heating up!

Stand-Out Employees, Birthdays and Anniversaries

It’s not just the weather, Vox Mobile is turning up the heat, honoring employees who are on fire and those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in May.

Congratulations to our Employees of the Month for April

 Tracy Hendrix – Technical Support Supervisor

Tracy started her Vox Mobile career in January 2020 as a Technical Support Supervisor and she’s been a critical part of our Technical Support maturation process and has helped us deliver best-in-class support by being accountable and available to our Specialists and clients alike.

“Tracy has been able to help me with any issue or concern I have brought to her attention. I can approach her with any issue, and she will assure me it will be addressed and not brushed aside. She never misses time and she holds me accountable if I mess up and allows me to redeem myself.”

  • Manuel Ramos – Technical Support Specialist

Shawnee Turner – Technical Support Specialist

Shawnee has been a member of our Canadian team since October 2018 working remotely as a Technical Support Specialist. In her 3 ½ years here, she has stood out due to her incredible work ethic and near perfect attendance. She knows their knowledge base inside and out and was critical in reducing a growing backlog of incidents from over 300 to 50.

“Anytime we ask her to take on a task, she will gladly take ownership. She helps identify where other specialists may need help and is willing to help provide that coaching. Her peers look to her for answers, leadership, and guidance.”

  • Brittany Cox – Technical Support Supervisor

Way to go Tracy and Shawnee! Don’t forget to nominate those you see doing a fantastic job and give them a shout out as an Employee of the Month.


We’re excited to announce a number of promotions. When you get a chance, make sure to congratulate the following Vox Mobile team members:

  • Cruise Deshevy to Technical Support Center Supervisor
  • Dustin Callico to IT Support Specialist
  • Cameron Hodgson to Customer Success Executive

May Birthdays

Happy Birthday to everyone who celebrated birthdays in May. Don’t look at is as getting older, just getting better!

  • Desean Rudolph – May 5
  • Asia Gilmer – May 5
  • Ron Pollock – May 7
  • Cameron Hodgson – May 7
  • Compton Alford – May 8
  • Precious Stewart – May 10
  • Brian Gryczan – May 10
  • Tierra Wilson – May 10
  • Cortney Cable – May 12
  • Jean-Marc Dufour – May 15
  • Bhavna Rani – May 17
  • Muhammad Rahman – May 19
  • Ryan Verardi – May 20
  • Christopher Holmberg – May 28
  • Ross De Costa – May 29
  • James Knowles – May 29
  • Khaleel Siddiqui – May 31

May Anniversaries

We’re happy to toast all those celebrating work anniversaries in May.

  • Shyla Blevins – May 16 – 11 years
  • Jean-Marc Dufour – May 2 – 6 years
  • Jacqueline Martinez – May 22 – 6 years
  • Jonathan Strachan – May 1 – 5 years
  • Lawrence Scullin – May 20 – 3 years
  • Walter Hayes – May 4 – 2 years
  • Aathira Babu – May 25 – 2 years
  • Parvathy Suresh – May 25 – 2 years
  • Michael Materna – May 3 – 1 year
  • Monika Sampla – May 3 – 1 year
  • Jacquelyn Schuster – May 17 – 1 year

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