The Ultimate DaaS (Device as a Service) Device Management Software

By Jim Haviland
Topics: Device as a Service (DaaS) Managed Mobility Services (MMS)
The Ultimate Device as a Service (DaaS) Offering

Vox, like many other companies, has been talking with clients and partners about as-a-Service offerings for a very long time and, specifically, the Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) for years. We have known for a while that many of the opportunities for clients to take full advantage of opportunities for breakthrough innovation, digital business, and digital transformation required a new way of procuring, owning, and managing the hardware and services. We could see how managing device and software lifecycles, the poor user experience and unknown risks, created friction for the development of these projects and for adoption by workers.  We recognized that many projects and programs never got through budgeting cycles because of the unpredictability of costs.

The Truly Full LifeCycle

So there is nothing new about offering lifecycle services or suggesting that there is more to the lifecycle than most customers realize.  The problem has been that no one vendor could really bundle everything together in a way that really removed the burdens of having a fleet of devices roaming about and facing all the unique and sometimes devastating problems that mobile devices routinely find themselves in.  No one vendor could not only represent all the phases of life for the device but also optimize your experience – Vox included.  We have been working hard for many years to try and put together all the pieces AND put them together in a way that provided a great experience for users and for our clients.  All providers faced the same problem, there are many pieces to the puzzle and they are all managed through discrete systems and programs leaving gaps in the process and creating risks for everyone.

An Apple-like experience through digital optimization

With Vox DaaS+MMS for Apple, Vox is able to not only provide all the lifecycle services but also to tie them all together in ways that provide new insights and new opportunities, or optimizing the user experience. The combination of all of Apple’s enterprise programs and services, all of Apple’s innovations for enterprise management, and all of Vox’s experience and systems for robust enterprise support and an exceptional user experience  – all managed through an integration of backend systems – creates the world’s first truly complete lifecycle – a complete Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering.  To customers, Vox DaaS+MMS for Apple is a single price []

A Truly Simple Device-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Every detail has been taken into consideration, as you would expect from an Apple program. First, it is a single price per month for the device and all the services, protections, and risk-mitigations. There isn’t anything left out.

Second, this is a true cycle – no need to create a large refresh project with the disruptions to process and budgets.  Every device can just be refreshed as a standard part of the service, with options to co-term new devices on-demand.

Third, your entire relationship is with the industry leader in mobile managed service user experience, Vox Mobile, and requires almost no regular interaction or management. Clients of this service will be able to devote internal resources on the strategic and innovative parts of their programs, not the drudgery of device management and logistics.

More information

The internal experts on Vox DaaS+MMS for Apple gathered for a webinar where they delved into specifics of the offering, the projects and people that will most benefit, and some examples of how it provides substantial operational, strategic, and economic benefits in a presentation designed to address stakeholders from across customer organizations.

Key Takeaways:
  • Gartner and other analysts have strongly recommended that all companies negotiate multi-year carrier contracts without hardware subsidies. Even if you aren’t ready to move to this purchasing mechanism yet, the analysts recommend the first step is to have the right contracts in place.
  • Vox DaaS+MMS for Apple is a truly “no-touch” lifecycle offering that covers all the things that can and do happen for a single monthly fee, removing all the risk and management burden from IT or procurement
  • The economics and processes of carrier contracts, subsidies, and early termination fees are completely replaced with a simple, single-vendor process that offers benefits to users, IT and the CFO.