Smooth Operations: Device Procurement and Provisioning

By Patricia Ross

Whether it’s a handful of mobile devices at one site managed by one IT specialist or thousands of devices across multiple locations managed by a whole team, procuring and provisioning all those devices means taking your IT resources away from more profitable work. And it’s not as easy as some may think. Technology is constantly evolving and changing, and keeping up with the latest hardware and software isn’t easy.

Vox Mobile’s managed mobility services (MMS) experts provide Mobile Device Procurement and Provisioning Services that make business run smoother for everyone. Want to learn more? Here are the answers to our most frequently asked customer questions.


Q: Do your services cover all MACD (Move, Add, Change, Delete) activities?

A: Absolutely, our comprehensive solution goes beyond a standard software load, covering new lines, upgrades, any changes you need to suit your company’s requirements, as well as disconnects. We’ll also kit it with accessories, pack, and ship to your office or wherever your end users may be working.


Q: How extensive are Vox Mobile’s procurement and provisioning services?

A: Vox Mobile’s team of experts takes what they do seriously. So seriously that they can take care of it all:

  • Negotiate with suppliers and administer and manage contracts
  • Carrier activation
  • Device receipt/verification and auditing
  • Scan, battery charging, and testing
  • Asset tagging, application loading, backup and functional testing
  • Voice, data, email, camera, and internet configuration
  • And more


Q: What about bulk orders?

A: We know that many organizations are facing a backlog when ordering corporate-owned devices for their teams as carriers try to keep up with demand. Thanks to our relationship with leading device manufacturers, Vox Mobile can get bulk device orders quickly and is pre-approved to expedite bulk requests.


Q: What if there’s an issue with our order, can Vox Mobile help resolve it?

A: We want to make sure that you and your end users are happy so we can field your end users’ questions with follow-up calls to vendors on your behalf to handle an order issues.


Q: What about ensuring policy settings are in place—those who need access to sensitive company data have it, while those who don’t, don’t?

A: As part of the configuring process, we make sure your devices are up to par with your standards and requirements, including enabling and disabling features, functions, and apps that could hinder productivity and be a threat to your sensitive data.


Q: Are the same resources used for ordering and provisioning as for the Help Desk?

A: No, Vox Mobile feels these roles require two very different skill sets—specialized carrier transaction knowledge versus technical support. We recruit and train staff separately to ensure they’re well equipped with the skills they need to provide the best experience.


Q: What is Vox Mobile’s procurement and provisioning reach?

A: We support mobile ordering and fulfillment throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our global partners can be leveraged for any mobile ordering or provisioning needs outside of these regions.


Q: What kind of volume can Vox Mobile sufficiently handle?

A: With the influx of remote workers who need corporate-owned devices, we’ve successfully delivered thousands of devices per month by balancing productivity and efficiency to make sure all our customers are satisfied and end users are happy with their devices.


Now that we’ve provided you with some answers, we have a question for you: Why are you wasting valuable time and effort trying to manage your own procurement and provisioning when Vox Mobile is here to help?

With our extensive mobile device management (MDM) expertise, including applications, operating systems, mobile security, connectivity settings and hardware, let us manage your mobility so your IT department can focus on building your business.