Simplify your Device Procurement with DaaS + MMS for Apple

Topics: Device as a Service (DaaS) Device Deployments Managed Mobility Services (MMS)

According to an employee choice survey conducted by Jamf77% of employees are more likely to stay at an organization that allows them to choose their preferred mobile device, and, when given the choice, 75% of employees are choosing Apple.1 While it shouldn’t be surprising that employees want to choose what device they are working on, organizations should not take these figures lightly, especially with the number one reason for employees wanting to choose being increased productivity on a device that they are familiar with. So, there is a clear business need for allowing employees to choose iPhones and iPads, but with mobile technology advancing at a rapid rate and increasing device costs, how can organizations keep up? 

The challenge of device procurement is not new, but it is a changing one. With carriers moving away from subsidized hardware and purchasing devices outright becoming more and more cost prohibitive (especially for mass refreshes), we are seeing organizations struggle to develop a new strategy. More and more, organizations are relying on aging fleets, rather than confronting this challenge.  While it may seem like this is saving money on the surface, increased support costs for aging devices and one-off device replacements costs also need to be taken into account – as well as lost productivity from the end-user perspective. 

To solve this challenge, Vox Mobile has worked with Apple to develop the Device-as-a-Service (DaaS) + Managed Mobility Services (MMS) for Apple Program, coupling our best in class managed mobility services with the full life cycle management of Apple devices, with options available for iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks. This program allows organizations to forget about complex carrier and supplier agreements, get rid of the difficulty of managing aging devices, and give end-users the devices that they want. If that wasn’t enough, organizations can choose to bundle any of Vox Mobile’s managed mobility services with their Apple Devices, including end user support, device administration, carrier billing analysis, and asset management software – all for one, predictable flat cost per month. Under this program, our customers have found success in solutioning a wide range of use cases, from iPads being used for clinical trials to employee training.  

Contact us today or email to learn more about how Vox Mobile can solve your device procurement challenges with DaaS + MMS for Apple.  

By Zach Carman